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Lifestyle: Vacation Planning and Every Day Shopping

“Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation.” – Leo Tolstoy

Welcome back to the blog. I hope you are having a wonderful day!! Over the past few weeks I've been talking about the concept of underachieving. I have been doing this in all aspects of life. There's a truth to incremental growth, which I have started to enjoy. Yesterday, I took the liberty to create a home tour, so that you can get a feel of where I actually am for the next two and a half months...and what my day to day life looks like now that I'm no longer having to stress about work in the traditional sense of the word.

Life is simple. Life is mellow. Life is peaceful. On Monday's blog article, I'd mentioned that I've stared organizing for my vacation. I spent about five weeks purchasing dresses, and this week I started purchasing body care items that I thought would be beneficial on the upcoming trip. I'd mentioned before...that this first vacation is the budget vacation, and when life settles down later in the year...I'll take a grander one...but the two vacations will feel exactly the same. In my explorations of May Pen, I've started realizing that what I thought were deals in Kingston...really weren't deals. In the Kingston area, I shopped at all the mainstream places - MegaMart was literally where I lived, but for the next three months as a more pennywise individual, I'm realizing a few things that I didn't before. The most budget place that I shopped in Kingston was Woolworth's, and I used to purchase my staples there. They had body care items for what I thought was a mind blowing...$330 JA ($2.60), plus TAX. I thought...this was cheap!!! Then I moved to May Pen and discovered that the same items...cost $245.00 without the tax...and I'm in heaven.

My inner creator has started coming alive, and I decided it was time to start stocking up on the body care items that I need for my vacation. Every week, I'll pick up one or two items until my cosmetics bag is filled. I think it's a good idea always have something different for your vacation, versus the day to day. If you're the more creative one in your relationship, it's always nice to have a his and hers care package. This week, I've started stocking my body care bag. In the image above, I've started stocking the his side of my cosmetics bag. As I was in the supermarket I discovered the Body Philosophy Men's line, and decided to purchase the Nuit Blanche Body Wash and Lotion. I'd mentioned before that I'm used to Bath and Body Works, and I've found that the Body Philosophy line is actually spot quality with Bath and Body Works at a quarter of the price. For vacation one of 2019...this definitely meets my price point!! This is a win...for the men!! Next's body care...for us ladies!!!

On the food aspect of life, for this week, I took the liberty to change my diet for the week. I discovered a new supermarket across the road from where I normally shop, and I've decided that each week, I'll spend some time in each of them because the combined fusion of the two entities, is what I'll need to have the ideal compliment of items for my weekly home shopping needs.

In terms of my general internal care, I do love yogurt. The regular brands that I purchase are currently averaging about $192.00 per cup, and I discovered an alternative in the Milkana brand for $85.00 per pot. Floyd's supermarket, has this brand in full supply so I'll definitely purchase a four pack every week.

Additionally, in terms of what I'm enjoying eating, this week I'll be eating more oats for breakfast. I love Quaker...but Lasco has a nice alternative for JA $170.00 per pack, compared to JA $420.00 for Quaker Oats.

When it comes to my teas...I love Caribbean Dreams Ginger-Mint tea. The combination of both Ginger and Mint, are soothing to the stomach.

Last but not least...where would we be...without Happy Face. Happy a local Jamaican brand that sells household items. Averaging about $50.00 each, the quality of the laundry soap and the tissue, is honestly on par with Tide and Charmin...and I am used to the latter. For the next two months...Happy Face will definitely do me good. On the soaps for this week...I'm working with Lasure's anti-bacterial soap, which is averaging just about $75.00 per bar.

Usually, I use antibacterial soaps in the interims where I'm heavily physically active. I've started exercising again, so after exercise, I'll use this soap, and then on the alternate days when I'm just having a normal day...I'll use my beauty bars such as Mildex.

This is concludes this week's shopping adventures! As time progresses, I'll be able to do fuller hauls for you all, but if you feel inspired to determine how best you can save so that you have money for things like vacations...and a bigger move next year...stay tuned!

In next week's article....I'll talk about couponing!! It's a fun way to save money on the items that you'll need any way.

Have a great rest of the day!


**Dr T**

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