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Live Your Best Life: My Current Lifestyle Loves

Welcome back to the blog,

This beautiful life of ours continues to unfold. If you're not careful every day...your life can become a soap opera. With a little care, however, life becomes a well written symphony. I'm yet to watch the second space walk, but thanks to the advent of the internet...we can always catch the replay. As a rule of thumb to myself, I'm now being dictated by my calendar, and I pretty much just do what I've written for myself to do on that particular day. The best executives in life...have a well organized routine, so in your own micro empire, it is very possible for you model their behaviors and watch your own world become something better than you could have possibly imagine for yourself. I've found myself coming back to myself...and for this articles look, I wanted a more polished and elegant look.


The previous blog article was about how to look expensive on a budget. For the look above, the aim is to actually put one of the suggestions into play. It's all about how you put yourself together. Clean and crisp colours always exude sophistication to me, and this red and white dress that I'm wearing is the epitome of that for me. For the work space, I thought it would go well with a nice handbag like the Lady Dior bag in white. Additionally, power looks always work well with either high heels or wedges, so I opted for my white Pierre Dumas heels to style. Interestingly, these were purchased in January, and they are still brand new. I feel like the entire world can relate to 2020 being the year that they had the most new things in their closets. Not to be disheartened however, there are plenty of occasions that are coming up in our calendars and it always helps to have yourself a little lookbook of items that you can pair together.

An interesting activity that you can do for the summer season, while the quarantine is easing, is to actually do what Cher did in Clueless and take pictures of the items in your closet, in the order that you'd love to wear them in. If you're going to work for the week, you can take the time to actually organize all your work clothes for the week on the Sunday before, take the picture of what dress, skirt, blouse and pants will be worn on what day, and also what shoes you will wear with them. Your brain will thank you on the morning of...because you'll have less to think about when the day actually comes. Life is busy enough as it is, and the key is to ensure that you still find that time to organize yourself. The world does notice when you're together, so always present your best self to the world. Effortless style is easy to achieve.


A great sage once said to me that one of the best ways to ensure that you're living your best life, is to ensure that you're eating the right foods. The body thrives off the food that are closest to their natural forms, so it's always a good idea to have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by fruit trees here are the house, and the mango trees are currently bearing. As with all fruit, there's a point at which the fruit takes time to mature, but at this point, they are actually ripening. Like a modern day Little House on the Prairie, we either eat as much fruit as we can, compost what we can, puree and freeze the excess for later in the year when we want to do things like make juices. This is currently mango season, and the avocadoes are bound to be next in line, and also the guavas. With each fruit, the treatment is different.

Since mangoes are very sweet in nature, one of the best things to do with them is to make smoothies. You can make what the Trinidadians love to call chutney as well. I'll do my best to find a recipe for that and tackle in the new week. Let's see how this goes!

Mango-Spinach Smoothie

To make 400 mls of this smoothie you will need:

- 2 medium sized mangoes. Remove the cheeks and cut them into chunks. Place the chunks into your blending cup. To make your smoothie cold, you can place these into the fridge before you cut and blend.

- 3 Spinach leaves. If you want more, you can add more, I just tend to like the sweet to dominate, so I add more mangoes than spinach leaves. Spinach is a mild vegetable, so it won't affect or overpower the sweetness of the mangoes.

- Water to fill to the mark of your blending cup. To make your smoothie cold, you can place these into the fridge before you cut and blend.

Using a small chopping board and a knife, take your time to actually cut your mangoes and spinach leaves, and place into your blending cup. Add your water.

Blend for about a minute or two, or until you see a uniform consistency of your smoothie.

Pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy. This week, I actually managed to pick up some healthy snacks, and I've been enjoying the large coconut cookies by Island Cookie. I'll definitely get some more of these for the new week, because they do provide a filling healthy addition to my day. Staying hydrated is very important to your health. Speaking of hydration...let's see how to make this process more enjoyable.


As the weeks passed, the rum bottles accumulated. As a lover of all things glass these days...I couldn't bring myself to part with the majority of the bottles that have flowed through the household. Appleton Estate is a household favorite, and they really have the best bottles. In the image above, you can see how I managed to transform the empty bottle into a juice dispenser. You can really get creative, and re-purpose your bottles.

As a first step, fill your bottle with water. Place the bottle into a bucket and let it soak overnight. The labels are paper, and will soak off with time.

For the second step, completely wash and dry the exterior of the bottle. Many times in my DIY's, I've enjoyed doing things like labelling the bottles, but if you're going to have these in your fridge, it's a good idea to simply have the bottles without a label. In the fridge and on the table, there will be condensation, so it's best to just remove the label completely. The colour of the drink will actually make the bottle a centerpiece in your fridge, or your table when you're serving your drinks.

In our household, we drink both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. While not every one drinks alcohol, why not make your fruit punch/pineapple juice/apple juice and place it in an elegant bottle? It makes total sense, to have your juices in a bottle that will be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. You'll give an every day drink an exotic touch. I've personally said bye to the Pespi bottles, and am loving my glass bottles!! They will actually last for years, and have the same quality and feel to them. This is a very good idea!

As the weekend approaches, hopefully you have time to do a little crafting! It's one of the most satisfying things that I've done and the process only gets more fun as the process unfolds. The creative process is one of those things that once you start, it eventually becomes a wonderful flow!! Feel free to try any of these, and tag me on Instagram if I've inspired you in any way!!

I love you for reading!!


Dr T

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