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Living the Life: Stay at Home Casual

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For those of us who live the work from home or stay at home lifestyle for even a few months...there's a point at which the stress subsides. It takes about a week or two to adjust to the changes, but eventually you simply get to the point where you realize that there's peace, there's no pressure, it's just and you and your own personal flow.

With that...the work attire is suspended and there's a need to be a little more comfortable, yet still feel sophisticated at the same time. Yours truly is on her Hallmark flow and literally once or twice a week, I'll watch a movie from them. The last one I watched, was about a destination wedding, and the clothing in the movie made me feel vacation vibes, even though my vacation isn't until a good month and a half from now.

In terms of clothing in the home, as summer is approaching, it's really nice to have those summer dresses flowing...that make you feel more flirty and less corporate. You don't necessarily have to wear heels like the model in the image is, but really nice sandals always do the trick. Yours truly is currently admiring a few Valentino inspired I'll have those ready in the upcoming haul. I'm getting the tan and gold. For now, in terms of my weekly activities, I do treat myself in order to celebrate my targets for the week. I'm glad to say I've finished gathering the main clothing I'll need for the vacation. I can now get started on the peripheral items, such as the travel bags, shoes and accessories for the week. (This is what she does with the savings from food

In terms of summer colors, I've started going for bold and bright! Oranges, pinks and greens!! What I find is that after the work experience, there is a need to boost the mood. The best way to do this is via looking and feeling good. In terms of my daily activities, I have now started exercising every other day (my ankle muscles ache as I write, but the burn is worth it. Essentially, exercise is providing me with motivation early in the morning, and also providing me with the summer body that I know I want a month from now. I''s a win-win...but internally and generally...the benefits of excercise can't be stressed. You'll feel more alive and confident.

The essentials I'm currently sporting now that I'm home most of the time are:

1) Maxi dresses. I'm rebuilding my collection of these so that I can have one to wear each day of the week if I feel like. They are very flattering, and simple to wear.

2) Leggings - I couple these with turtle necks for a cute yet comfortable look. I'm aiming to have them in different colors. At the basic level, just wear black or white and you'll have a lot of versatility with them.

3) Sandals - I have one rose gold pair that I'm absolutely loving at the moment.

These three subsets help to keep me together as I flow through my week. Once I get my camera, I'll do a haul, but for the most part I feel free, beautiful and comfortable as I pursue my tasks for the day. Efficiency is still key of course...but the most important thing is being on your own time...and feeling like you're the queen of your domain. For those who remember the landlady tales I told about a month ago...she's actually away till August. I'll be leaving before she yesterday was the last day that I'll ever see her again. I was I am's a beautiful life.


**Dr T**

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