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Living the Life: The Pamper Day Returns!!

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Now that I have my life back...the pamper day...RETURNS!!! Pardon my absence yesterday. Yours truly was actually on the road running some grad school related errands. In the flow though...I picked up a few things. I leave the house about twice per week now that I'm in study mode. I thought it would be a good idea for me to share with you my study schedule in a summarized version.

You have to prime your brain for the next phase of life. I listen to mind gurus such as Jim Kwik and he talks about the social media purge. My phone is currently on between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm. Outside of that time...I only use my computer. I have two cell phones (one for Jamaica and one for Cleveland). My Cleveland phone is under a CampusSIMs subscription. I haven't connected to a service, but I connect the phone to wifi. While I'm sleeping, I play audiobooks or affirmations on YouTube via this phone. Alternately, I use my Kindle for such activities. On Whatsapp as well, I've changed my image to one that's generic. I was a consulting student at GE, so I simply placed the GE logo on my image. I'd mentioned before that a certain lecturer at my undergrad facility is Whatsapp stalking I gave her something to chew on...while I focus on other I don't allow myself to be the I get the best of both incognito...and have her leave me alone. I use my schedule to pencil in what's critical. I'm currently on a re-watching the entire series of MIT 3.091 SC. It's material science based, so I am priming myself for what's to come.

While I was out...and yes I did promise a pamper day haul (I now know where to get stuff!!)....I started small...and picked up a lavender body lotion by Body Philosophy. Because I'm saving money for both school and my vacation, I'm going the economical route for everything. Testing the lotion last night...I found it to be really nice, thick and creamy for the price. The scent is light, and not overbearing, and I'm finding myself able to simple fall asleep to the fresh scent, and simply relax. I believe that with each passing day, I'll relax more and I settle into my new flow. It's great to have a moment that you own.

The second item that I purchased while I was out...was a new purse. The last one I had, I had for a while, and I thought it would be best for me to simply upgrade and get a fresher look. I ended up getting a nice deep green purse, with the gater print. Really nice, and elegant.The previous purse I had was more ethnic, so now I'm going for a more edgy high end fashion look. I'll include both in Saturday's video...fret not!!

With the school bag resting, it's time for me to start using my handbags once again, so I'm really making an effort to simply restore the corporate side of me. With time, I'll get a new handbag, I spent some time walking through the mall yesterday...and started looking. I'm not stressing out just yet. I still have to go on I'm simply allowing myself to move in sequence. Settling back into my day's flow!!

Have a great day!!!


**Dr T**

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