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Living Your Best Life: Beauty and Wellness

"The wolf that's climbing the hill is not as hungry as the wolf that's already at the top of the hill" - A Great Sage

Welcome back to the blog!!!

I hope you're doing well!! If not tune in with number one and remind him or her that the person that controls your life's outlook is the reflection in the mirror. I'm currently tracking my moods and ensuring that for the majority of the time...I'm at mellow. Being human brings a wealth of emotions and overall, we all really want to be at mellow. Let's jump into our beauty and health update for this week.


My childhood was one of the most structured creations I've ever come across. In retrospect, I'm realizing that it was partly a mixture of my parents aiming to expend our childhood energy, and partly part of my development that is serving me to this day. There were spontaneous moments of course...but for the most part there was a routine for the critical items. These included: school work, extracurricular activities and general housework and cleaning. As an adult, I personally find that I can't thrive without having a rock of routine around me. Despite this... I haven't been the queen of sticking to my Sunday wash day routine, but thankfully over the past two weeks, as I track the annual calendar and see the time ticking, I actually am challenging myself to stick to the routine, regardless of how I feel. At the end of the day...the only one who'll really feel the impact of discipline is me, so I'm ensuring that at the end of the year, my objectives are met!!

I name all important things for the fun of it!! My car was Ruby, and my hair...with all due respect is called Diana Ross:) I find that if I have inspiration, I'll make the effort to treasure my tresses.

From my recent Instagram stories, I'd highlighted that I'm now rocking twist outs. When I'm believe...that I'll be back to my mohawks. I do it all...but just for simplicity in January, I decided to go for my full natural hair and just allow her to breathe.

After my Sunday workouts, my hair is due for a good wash. I work out three times per week, and while thankfully I don't really sweat that much, I'm finding that for general maintenance, once per week is what keeps my entire being feeling like she's well taken care of.

For this week, I've gone for a twist out. I've decided that that's what's best for me. For the look above:

Step 1: Wash your hair utilizing a good clarifying shampoo

Step 2: Add your favorite conditioner and leave it in. You can also mix in your favorite oil such as castor oil or olive oil for an additional touch of moisture.

Step 3: Flat twist your hair into nine flat twists or as many medium twists as your hair will facilitate, and let your hair either dry overnight or under a dryer. For an additional twist, you can create bantu knots at the base of your hair or add your favorite rollers.

Of course...I know that like me you're either a busy professional or a busy mom...and I find that task segmenting is key. Here's what I'm currently doing while my hair is drying:

a) Reading: As a business owner and professional, I don't know everything and once my hair is washed and styled, I spend two hours in the sun, ensuring my hair gets that initial natural heat to facilitate the air drying process. My book of the year is Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. A sage highlighted that abundance is the easiest thing to manifest if you prepare your mind for it. I've also been watching or listening to podcasts on prosperity, and identifying what my next business moves will be. Creating is the best thing you can do for your life. Passive Income is something that I'm passionate about, and I've really been taking the time to ensure that for my five year vision, I'm creating products and services that will help my platforms and also enable me to be financially free.

b) Relaxing: I set a two hour timer and unplug for the interim. During this time, I actually defragment and allow myself to come up with ideas for my YouTube videos and for my Instagram stories. One of the best ways to be original is to ensure that you're in tune with yourself and enabling ideas to flow from within. If you spend time watching what everyone else is doing, you'll end up missing an opportunity to be your authentic self.


With respect to my hair routine, I'd mentioned last week that I literally only shampoo and condition. I know there are a myriad of things that people pour unto their hair, but for me...and the look I created above, all I used was shampoo and conditioner. I do have gels...I have the EcoStyler Castor Oil gel, but I don't really need it I find if I have the right conditioner. Not all conditioners work for my hair by the way...I've found that my hair likes the really thick and moisturizing ones. If I have a conditioner that has a more watery consistency, it doesn't work as well. The thicker and creamier...the better. Right now, I'm working with Ashley's Blueberry Conditioner. If I'm on an extreme budget, I work with Purelene, which only costs me a dollar...and does the job!! I'll do a budget product comparison video for you all one day....but trust me...I'm good with what I can find for the interim.


In this week's YouTube Life Style Update, I took the time to expand on my recent shoe collection. I speak about why I chose the individual pieces, and also have resumed my weekly style clips. I find that I have collections of colour schemes. I have black and white pieces, and thought I'd show you two items that I wear when I'm either in the house and want to feel like I'm well put together and chic. If I'm heading out for an event like a brunch, I take my time to wear one of my black and white pieces that is free flowing and effortless.

I believe that looking good is feeling good, and taking the time to put yourself together is key to your confidence!!

I love you for reading!! Now it's your turn!!


**Dr T**

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