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Living Your Best Life: The Bold and The Beautiful

Welcome back to the blog!!!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!!! There's a part of me...that's feeling like I want to write a segment on how life can feel like a soap opera...but the flow isn't going as I envision. If you live long enough (once your consciousness starts to questions things) you start figuring out a few "things" that previously weren't so apparent. Focusing on all the good and the positive things however...I'm still in here cackling away. I already told you the tea need to follow my previous breadcrumb if you know what's good for your soul!! This is way better than Chicken Soup!! By 7pm...I'm locked in for Story Time!! Do you want the real thing...or the Disney version? I am being schooled. Aou!! Valentine's Day is on the I'm ensuring that I'm ready!! Cue the song: Ariana Grande: "Let Me Love You!! " I have this on loop!!!

Speaking of relationships:

If you're single...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

If you're engaged....CONGRATULATIONS!!

If you're married...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

If you're divorced...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I heard this in a video once...and after pondering it deeply...I came to the conclusion that the person was saying that you need to celebrate the phases of life...regardless of what's happening around you!! just happiness and is independent of the circumstance if you're taking the time to be conscious and grateful for all good things!! A little money doesn't hurt either...just saying:) There's a time for everything...and if you look at your life's flow you'll understand why you're at your particular stage. There's so much to do in life...that the key is to keep yourself fulfilled at every stage. As you become a whole woman (or man...the sprinkling who visit) what you need will flow to you!!

While I wait for life to settle down...I have been having the travel visions. You may remember last year's escapades. I decided to delve down memory lane, so that I'll be encouraged to do something bigger and better by Q4 this year. Here's the highlight of what I did:

Strawberry Hill:

This was the dream that partially manifested. If you all recall yours truly appeared on Father's Day only to discover that the site was booked out for a private dinner. This was one of those times where as a asked for favor. The parking lot...was as far as I could I was grateful...and I got one of my best editorial travel pics for 2019!! If the Gods are kind in 2020...I'll try and see if I can go here again this year. This is one of the most serene places to allow yourself to unwind. Anywhere with either hills or water...are good for release. I'm only a partial I'm sure we all are. When you're in the limelight sometimes (even work counts...the last thing you need is to always be up in people's grill. I always go for the ultimate escape and aim for anonymity.) Strawberry Hill is actually one of my go to sites for this. As always...I give you the levels:

Budget: Like all can pretty much drive in and either have drinks here, or order dinner. $40.00 or less can feed two people. I'm the queen of the classy experience and this is one of those places that you can always stop give yourself a touch of class from busy existence. It only takes about 40 minutes from the Kingston mainland, up into the hills of Gordon Town.

Luxe: The stay in the $300 per night realm. If you want to splash for your boo....this would be a nice spot for Valentine's Day for your spoogie!!

2) Caribbean Fashion Week 2019

Don't Judge...the lights were bright!!!

But it was fun going and getting the Essentially, I wanted to return to my fashion roots and decided to attend one of Pulse's CFW fashion shows as a visitor and not form behind the scenes.

Getting to Villa Ronai was a trip and a half. Nestled in the hills of Stony Hill, the place is literally about 20 minutes from the house if I knew exactly where I was going.

Even with took me a good...hour to reach the venue. I'm usually good with directions and the road...but this one...was an adventure and a half. No wonder I look flustered in the Show was fabulous though!! She had fun !!

3) Portland: The Lemonade Trip

This trip was the lemonade trip. Sometimes when you plan your trips...things don't always go as planned. Determined to reach though...I went...and it turned out a blast and a half!!

This is me on the road...taking a selfie in front of the Trident Castle! When I reached home the night after my trip back....I'd walked so much...I was exhausted. Was it worth it...yes!! These are the stories that my babies will have to take in when I'm tucking them into bed!!


Back in realityville...I've started working on my financial planning for 2020. I've been watching some finance videos and taking the time to prime my mind for the changes to come. I'll expand on these in time. I'm just settling into the actual tracking process for the 2020 year. For the record...I've never in the existence of ForeverLuxury...over exerted myself for the sake of the growth of my channels. There seems to be an assumption that anyone with a YouTube channel, Instagram Channel, and blog...must be over exaggerating their worth or making up their life story. I assure you...I couldn't make up half my life story if I Sometimes your life just works out in a serendipitous flow!! I just work with what I have to be honest. Many of the things I'm doing in January 2020...I was dreaming of doing in January 2019 (an entire year before!!) and life just happened to bless me with the fruits of that vision.Thankfully, what you see is what you get!! One things I'm trying to do less not to prove myself to people in 2020. It's only 20 days in the 2020!! I'm just here on a roll to enjoy my youth!!! As Ariana Grande said..."Just Keep Breathing!!" Let your life flow and just be happy for what exists in your life experience!! There's enough for everyone!!


The grind continues...what can I say? My number one work out track: Sam Smith "How Do You Sleep?" I'm sticking to my schedule and being accountable to my subbies!! It's more automatic now...thankfully. I keep watching all those gym videos with the buff men and I am motivated!! As feminine as I am...there's something about watching a hot guy talk about..."You get stronger with the more resistance that you experience in the gym!" That alone (and the beach) makes me wake up and walk up the hill. God knows I've to marry a thug!! My latest thing this past weekend was watching Kobe Bryant's biography and understanding his work ethic. I'm applying the principles to all aspects of life. At this point I'm convincing myself that if I'm not "stretching" then I haven't done enough for the day.

See you Wednesday!! Keep Breathing!!!


**Dr T**

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