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Living Your Best Life: The Quarantine Beat

Welcome back to the blog,

Today is a beautiful day in our COVID-19 existence. Yours truly is currently based in Jamaica, and we're at the point where masks are now mandatory in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Excitedly, I put on an N-95 mask, and by midday...I was ready to throw off this I felt like I was suffocating!! Am I the only one who feels like the N-95 mask is literally restricting your breathing? After feeling a little clustrophobic in the mask, I bought a breathable cloth one. Later in the blog, you'll see how I managed to overcome this hurdle and still be cute in the quarantine. We're all about that life!!

Since yours truly works part time from home, once per week, I make that trek into civilization to browse the shops, pick up some groceries and just have a change of scenery for the week ahead. For the majority of us who are working from home, I believe that it is a privilege. Once the weekend comes however, the part of me that wants to reach a beach...and can only reach the backyard, has decided that she'll spoil herself with outdoor picnics. I decided to make a platter this week. You can utilize what you have in your pantry and in your fruit basket.

You will need:

1) A platter: The above is one of those "salvaged" finds in the household. We receive gifts in the house and they pretty much go into a large cupboard and barely get used. With the is the time to do these things! I whipped out a brown platter from a set we have. The set comes with a white, red, green and brown stackable set. They form a tier and you can use them for anything you can imagine. From cupcakes to cookies is what I envision for these tiered trays.

2) Your favorite snacks: I'm in a chocolate mood today, so picked up some brownies. When I'm not able to bake, my local bakery and the snack section of the supermarket always comes through!! I picked up one brownie for about $.50, and cut that up for the platter. Additionally, I paired it with some chocolate chip cookies, and just to add some sweet and savory touches, I went ahead and added some peanuts and raisins.

3) Garnishes: Fortunately for us, we live in a place with lots of fruits. Pineapples and mangoes are now in season, and I thought they added such a nice touch to the plate. The contrast of the orange of the pineapple and the yellow of the mangoes with the earth tones of the platter just worked well. I absolutely love this! Just use your creativity, and you'll be surprised at what you can create. If all else fails...just make some popcorn and you're good to gizzle!

This is our quarantine snack for this weekend!

Now...let's talk about improving the Quarantine Beat!!

The mantra for my readership for 2020 is: "There's enough time in the Quarantine for us to be a) fit b) cute and beat!" Admittedly, I'm not yet a full blown beauty guru...but I watch videos...and I'm learning some "secrets". Over the past two months, I've been working on my skin from the inside out. I've been juicing and drinking more water. Since I'm filming for one day a week, and out for one day as well, I actually only wear make up about twice per week, and let it breathe for the rest of the time. The best foundation for make up, is clean fresh skin.

To keep my skin nice and clear, for the months of March and April, I've been working with the Beauty Formulas on the Spot Treatment. This gel is nice and gentle, and it also has a nice tingling sensation once you apply it. The active ingredient in the gel is Tea Tree, which has antiseptic healing properties. Once I've wiped off my make up with a wipe (beauty wipe at best, baby wipe if I can't find any in stock) to remove the bulk of my make up, I go ahead and utilize some micellar cleansing water to clean my skin of any make up reside.

Beauty Formulas is a really good affordable brand, and I utilize their Vitamin E wash to clean my face. With this cleanser I either go in with a wash rag and clean my skin, or I utilize my face brush to ensure that I have the appropriate deep cleanse.

Once my face is clean and dry, I will then go in with the On the Spot Gel, and rub it on my face as a final treatment for my skin. For this month, when I went in to top up, the pharmacy didn't have any of this in stock, and as my luck would have it...they happened to have the Glycolic Gel instead. AHA's are really good for your skin, so I went ahead and decided that I wanted to test them on myself this month. I'm taking the time to upgrade my make up collection as well as my skin care collection, and I love this thus far.

On the make up frontier I did finish my Jordana Complete Cover 2-in-1 concealer and foundation. My shade when I was colour matched is the Golden Toffee. When I tested this...I didn't feel like it was my true match, because the concealer actually washes you out a little. I replaced this empty with the LA Colors Liquid Make Up Foundation in Cappucino. I haven't tested this yet, but some swatches in store, made me feel like it would the best foundation for my skin. I'm moving away from using my hands to apply my foundation, and my intention is to use my beauty blender this month, in order to see how flawless my skin looks with this foundation. Price: USD $3.00. This is very affordable.

Where lips are concerned, I purchased the LA Colors CML530 Berry Red. I'm loving a red lip for this month, it just brightens my face. I also purchased a Milani mini lipgloss in the shade Serendipity. It's so pretty! Milani is the best brand for that bronzed look, and since its getting sunnier...I'm feeling like I want to be a bronzed Goddess for the spring/summer.

Mascara is next on my list. At $2.00 for this mascara, you can't beat that with a stick! This mascara from Amuse cosmetics is what I'm planning to do to take my make up looks to the next level. I haven't been wearing mascara, and I think that for the month of May, I'll test these out and see if I like these versus wearing lashes. My eyelashes are actually quite long, and make up artists have told me I don't need lashes. For preservation and shoots though...we will see what will work better for me. Next week, I'll test some lashes.

Interesting...the quarantine is turning into a fashion trend. The mask designs are actually fun to see these days! I found an option that looks really nice and chic...and will go with everything. It's nice to feel like a cute surgeon every

Progress is definitely being made! Let's see how this Quarantine Beat works out!! I can't wait to see it!! We will see how this all goes! At ForeverLuxury...we always have so much fun!! You have to love your life!! Enjoy yourself till next time!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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