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Living Your Best Life When You Are Not In Control

Welcome back to the blog,

At this stage of all our existence, we have the experience of learning to go with the flow of life when we are not in control. Right the time of writing of this blog article, we here in Jamaica are on a two week lock down. When the pandemic started in 2020, we got our first dose of this experience, and then fast forward another year, and a new variant of the corona virus is upon us. The wise thing to do is seek shelter and wait out the peaks.

While I wait for normalcy, I've been watching some sermon series via Transformation Church online. One sermon that stood out to me in the Sunday Funday series, was centered on the concept of Taking a Day Off. In the modern world, it seems as if we have forgotten how to do that. The internet makes life happen all the time, overloads us with information available in real time, and we often forget that we have the obligation to stop and take care of our minds and bodies. Through the pause, we get to connect with our higher selves/God/intuition. By listening to ourselves, the answers to many of life's questions will actually become apparent. We have more clarity and discernment of what's right for our lives.

As it stands now, with the current lock down I'm currently going to work for two days of the week. That gives me seventy percent of the week to calmly get things done. A typical day in my work week is outlined below:

-Wake up at 5 am and get ready for work

-Leave the house at 6 20 am and head to the gym

-Work out from 7 am - 8 30 am

-Get ready for work

-Start work at 9 am

-Accomplish work goals without being distracted too much by colleagues in the cubicles next to mine

-Head home at 4 pm sharp, so that I don't have to contend with traffic on the way back. -Stop at the supermarket and stock up on food supplies mid week.

I don't have children yet, so you can imagine how much more organized someone with more responsibilities and a family will have to take on in their schedules. With the current lock down I'm able to actually experience my day in the manner below:

-Wake up at 5 am, lay in bed for a few minutes, and then meditate on having a good day. Instead of commuting...the only place I'll have to go today is my kitchen and desk. I can actually...relax.

-Clean or tidy up the house for an hour till 7 am

-Have my breakfast. Since I'm not in a rush, the night before I actually mindfully made some overnight oats mixed with chia seeds and left it in the fridge to have this morning. Breakfast is already ready, and all I have to do is place my oats in a bowl, add my yogurt and then add some bananas to it. It's healthy and quick, and filling.

-Have a shower to prime myself for productivity

-Check my emails and mindfully get some work done.

-At lunch time, I can catch up on the news or watch a relaxing YouTube video.

-At 4 pm....I'll change out of work clothes and do some yoga. I won't have to be stuck in traffic or commute, so I'm actually calm and feeling in control of my day.

-In the evening I can catch up with family and friends.

My automatic nature is to get up and go, and get things done for we must be productive. In all this productivity, the pandemic has taught us to be more efficient. With many of us actually having the privilege of working from home, we actually want to keep this mode of working. It's a healthier way to live and in the process of reclaiming our rest, we are able to enjoy our lives more.

Studies have shown that the majority of heart attacks actually take place on a Monday morning. This is the point at which many people experience the slight anxiety that comes with having to get up after a weekend that they control, to a work environment where someone controls them. The current pandemic has eased this pressure for many of us. If you aren't sick, its actually a great time to enjoy life. It's a great time to get your house in order. It's a great time to get your life back on track.

Life is always better than you think it is. By understanding that you are the one who is responsible for your own well being, you learn how to sustain your happiness. Life is quiet right now...and that's not always a bad thing. As you learn to master life, you realize all the things that really matter. Practice gratitude where you can, and every day will feel more blissful and fulfilling.

I love you for reading!


**Dr T**

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