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Looking at My Rollie...It's About That Time: Staycation Number Two

" better get your life!!"- Tamar Braxton

Yes people...I wasn't intending to stay at home forever!!!! Most of the times I'm home...I'm literally here having fantasies of my great escape in the new six weeks or so. Trust me...the day I leave this house...will be the emancipation of Tandy!! You know that scene in Mariah Carey's Honey where she escapes? That's what I keep dreaming about...except I don't have an ocean or jet skiis near me! Staycation number two is this coming weekend! Time does progress whether we want it to or it's always good to have a plan that you're working towards because the day...somehow always comes!! Essentially my life is filled at the moment with about three weeks of quiet...and then one or two days of hype. Rinse and repeat. I have one more cycle of this...and then life gets really really serious and flows!!! Restoration happens in a trickle people. I'm realistically not expecting myself to get up...and start jet setting for another few months...but I do know how to live...and I'm making time for it to happen now that I'm more independent! I've learned in not expect perfection...but to definitely expect to be happy!!

After singing the fashion week song for a few weeks is the launch of Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica. It's a four day event...but the public is involved in the final three days. Thursday preceding the weekend...they usually have the press meetings. The actual fashion shows are on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday!! In my searches...I've discovered that there's more than one Caribbean Fashion Week internationally, so Kingston, Jamaica...Caribbean Fashion Week is June 13-16,2019.

I took the liberty to release my mind from all the school stress and allow myself to have a glass or two of whatever's in Pulse's bar...and also do a little sightseeing as you guys are aware. In terms of the's still low budget but higher budget than the first staycation where I just went to my parent's house and reclined on the lawn for a I'm not exactly balling yet...but that doesn't mean I don't have items that suit the intention of my plans. I thought it would be a good idea for me to talk about what I'm wearing on the Sunday and go a little more in-depth in my itinerary for the day. The following will be my itinerary for Sunday, June 16, 2019.

5 AM: Wake Up and Meditate. You have to give thanks that out of the however many billion people in the get to take a vacation. Many people...can't afford one. (Being dramatic...but you get the point!)

6 AM: Open up the house and have my smoothie!!!

7 AM: Get ready and head to the Kingston bus park (yes people...I sold my car...and have an intention to buy one next year when I move. Step by step. She knows how to be independent regardless of a car.)

8 AM: Shuttle into Kingston. If I leave May Pen by 8 30 AM, I will be in Kingston by 9 30 AM tops. It's the weekend...and there's no traffic on the I'll home fast.

10 : 15 AM: Arrive in New Kingston. Head to Emancipation Park and take some pictures for the blog. I used to exercise there every Sunday when I lived at my Shortwood Road flat.

11: 00 AM: Hopefully...I remember how to drive. I'm picking up my car from Island Car Rental. I'm renting a Suzuki Swift for the driving up and down. I'm doing the car is perfect for that.

11 45 AM: Head to Strawberry Hill. In the image above...I'll be wearing the dress to the right to Strawberry Hill. Interestingly...this dress is a twelve pound Primark find. On one of my adventures, I bought that at the Primark in the intu Trafford Center Selfridges. They have a Primark nook in there along with the other high end brands. Since I had plans to sight see...I kept the budget low on the dress...and shopped my closet. My accessories (also shopped from my closet...with all their rosegold glory) are highlighted below:

1 PM: After one or two stops in Newcastle...I'll drive up to Hardware Gap and take a picture or two of the soldier's home. very historic and picturesque. It is a national site...but I'll drive up to the gardens and take pictures...near the property.

2: 30 PM: Drive down the hill to Strawberry Hill. I'll also stop by the Buddha in Serenity Spa and take a picture of it there for you guys to see. We had done a girl's pamper day I'll see if they'll allow me to feature them on the blog. All these places...are on one long stretch of road into the Hills of St I'll do my best to document on my "vlog".

3: 00 PM: Arrive at Strawberry Hill. I will purchase a drink there...and ask them if they'll allow me to take pictures and take three by the pool for the blog and Instagram!!! Their food is exquisite. I've had dinner there once...and it's amazing. I'll post a visual of the menu so you guys can see. Price wise...they are the same as the Hyatt Ziva. It's just about US $250 per night. I'll have a full write up in the Tuesday blog. I'm heading back to reality on won't have time to post on that morning. I won't have my laptop with me.

5 PM: Reach the parental nest. Eat dinner (yes...I'm taking advantage of free food. Fashion Week..isn't exactly free) and then talk with family for a while.

6: 30 PM: Start getting ready for Fashion Week. I'm wearing the dress to the left. This piece...interestingly is custom and gifted. I designed it myself. My parents love to travel and when they do...they purchase fabric from their visits to various sites in Africa. They tend to either go to Zambia...or South Africa. I was born in most of you may recall. I grew up in my recollection of my former life is non-existent. I can tell you more about where Bolt parties...than who is president of the country.

7 30: PM: Head to Fashion Week. The show starts at 8 45 PM and I want a good seat near the press, in front of the that I can get good pictures.

8 45: PM: Enjoy the Show!!! I will literally forget the world and any problems that I may have!!!



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