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Loving Yourself in 2019

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Hi Guys,

The first work week has ended (it's now me time) and I thought it a good idea to share with you...exactly what we did this that you can apply similar principles to your life. All of the educational institutions that I am associated with practice mindfulness. From day identify who you are growing towards and then outline the action steps to get there. Life is interesting with its twists and turns...and the challenge is to will yourself to move forward...and stay focused on the goal.

The first thought I have for us all the concept of self love. We are not unique...other people have lived the journeys we are currently experiencing and if we listen we'll find that there's a commonality in the human condition that allows us to embrace our nature as evolving beings. The one thing that I'll never claim to be is perfect....and for that reason...I don't judge others. I use humor as part of my style because it makes everything in life a little bit easier. Whether I'm talking to a CEO or an operator...I always make sure we're I'll do the same for my videos and blogs. In some aspects...I do believe that the world is generally serious and we all just need a minute to just relax and realize that just life and we need to enjoy it...understand it...and navigate it with grace.

So any how...yes I wrote my boss...and the response was laughter:) Laughter not out of ridicule...but laughter because he was once like me at some point in his life!!! Kindred spirit:) Success is an iceberg!!! When you see him now he's the most organized person on planet when I told him my story he was kind enough to tell me all the ventures he'd attempted in his younger days. I don't have a home yet...I am renting one...but when I build...I wouldn't mind replicating his. Before he settled down...he tried everything from medical school to a PhD...and a few other things in between. We have the same engineering skill set. The key take away for me as a that we eventually settle down in life and need to allow ourselves...if possible...the flexibility to try new things. It's all part of the process. 2019 is the year that I've willed for myself to settle down. I've cleaned all of my messes...and am now in a stable and happy flow.

Now that I can hear myself think...I generally wake up around 3 am...on my regular days (7 am for the day after labs because I'm usually tired after interacting with the students) and then I meditate for an hour. I'm not a guru...but I simply allow my mind to clear from the day before's activities...and renew myself for the day ahead. I focus on a word or an intention for my life. My intention is to return to the US in August as a PhD that vision is driving my meditations right now. I envision what program I want to be in...where I plan to live etc. Once my mind is focused...the rest of the day can flow because I have a purpose.

This week...with the students...we established their semester's study time tables. Prior to this...we had them reflect on all the strategies that didn't work in semester one...and the corrective actions intended for semester two. What I did with my group was have them envision the future...and then create the action steps to accomplish those objectives. I've done the same for myself since I have a vision for my own life. I am not a teacher...just a student of life...yet I share where I can. All things are accounted for in the time table...sleep, commute, socializing and their primary responsibilities of studying.

Likewise...for your own's not a bad idea to have a weekly time table so that you can account for your visions. Are you living your dreams? Are you taking time each week to ensure that you're becoming more educated or financially free or organizing for major life changes like a wedding or your children's college funds? The key is to be intentional no matter what phase of your life...and as I challenge myself to make another transition in eight months...I'd encourage you to do the same for your own life. What I want to do in later on...we'll start discussion on this vision.

Create the version of yourself that you want to be, regardless of who you were yesteryear. This is a new year...and we all have the capacity to change if we decide to do so. Free one of the best aspects of use it to your advantage!

Enjoy the day and live a clean and positive life!!!


**Dr T**

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