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Luxe For Less: Budget Beauty Finds

"It's a good life!!!" - The Guy In the Drake Video ( You all know who I'm talking

Once again...if you're an OG to the'll probably be wondering where in the world the music on my blog went!! Last year I had done a summer music playlist. I'll have that ready for you on Friday. Last year I was raving about Khalid's OTW...but this summer I'm all about the Indigo album. I'm a music literally beats in my being. It lifts my mood...and I am able to just flow as I work. In today's summer groove...let's listen to Emerald/Burgandy by Chris Brown. I believe in enjoying life!!

I have started the process of revamping my make up collection. I'm expecting to be client facing in about two months. I wish I could stay home forever...but as I'd mentioned I am a consultant by training, and am on a sabbatical. In terms of my general maintenance, I haven't been wearing much make up...but for when I return to work, I am making sure that I'm presenting myself in the best light. I went to my local beauty supply store to stock up on a few supplies. As with all things, I'm starting simple and will upgrade by the year end. You have to start somewhere...and not expect your life to be perfect all the time. I'm in Jamaica at the moment, and while there's make up available at various locations including MAC in Sovereign, for this run I went to Cherry's in May Pen. I realize that Kingston has more before I leave I'll visit Brit Bran, Woolworth's and another beauty supply store that I visit in Half Way Tree in order to complete the ensemble. In my recent beauty run I bought the following:

1) Face Wash: I'm going to be travelling soon, so I opted for a solid face wash until I settle into my location. I picked up Himalaya's Purifying Neem and Turmeric Cleansing Bar. I have been testing this product and am quite satisfied with it. In my recent Morning Routine Video, I demonstrated how I use the product. I wear make up right now only when I'm filming for YouTube or on the road running errands, so the rest of the time I am literally make up free. This product is healing, and soothes the skin. It does dry the skin, so take time to only use it twice per day, and moisturize.

2) Santee Facial Primer: Yours truly has skin that is very...moody. If I'm in Jamaica, or any hot climate, I tend to be on the oilier side. I have been watching beauty videos and discovered the products that I need to ensure that I stay matte regardless of the heat. Facial primer is one item that prepares the skin for make up and helps to keep it balanced. I'll be placing this item on my skin after I've washed it with the cleanser. I will place it on clean and dry skin.

3) Jordana Complete Coverage Foundation: I currently use the LA Girl Foundation in Dark or the Sleek Foundation in Hot Chocolate. Since the two are almost finished. I decided to purchase a new foundation for the next phase of my make up journey. I was color matched for the foundation at Young's Pharmacy in May Pen. My colour is the Golden Toffee. My skin has golden undertones, so I'm ensuring that I'm getting colours that are matching me perfectly.

4) Santee Eye Primer: This is the first time that I've ever used an eye primer, but I decided to try this product. I haven't tested this yet...but based on what I see on the packaging...the product has a nice golden brown base that will make my make up...golden neutrals pop, once I place them on my eyelids. I can't wait to try these.

5) Crown Pro Mascara: I got this mascara in black. This is the volumizing mascara. Interestingly, I tend not to wear lashes. To quote Patrick Starr....every make up artist has told me that my lashes literally curl up to Jesus!! When I get hype later in the year I'll experiment. For now...I use mascara and it works fine for me.

6) Just Kolour Pro Glow Baked Bronzer: Regardless of the season...we need that sun kissed glow. I purchased the Just Kolour Pro Glow bronzer in Perfect Bronze. I haven't tested it yet...but looking at the package, I know that in when I place this on top of my foundation it will be on and popping!!! I'll have that rose gold shimmer...which matches my chocolate skin.

7) Absolute New York Velvet Lippie: I was actually on the hunt for red lipstick, but I couldn't find it. This lippie will act as the perfect substitute, until I can achieve that objective. The colour that I purchased was the AVL 16 Maneater.

8) Just Kolour Primer Spray: My skin is combination-oily skin, so I've opted for products that enable me to have a matte finish once I apply my make up. I'm on the hunt for some setting powder. I'll check for that when I head into Kingston for another trip. As a start however, I sourced a primer spray by Just Kolour that will ensure that my make up stays in place once I've laid everything down. The title does say primer spray, but you can actually use it for both starting your make up application, as well as a setting spray.

I'm starting to take my skin care very seriously, and as a result...I've become very intentional about the products that I'm using. I'm taking my time to do my research and find products that will work for me. I want to look well put together for my clients. The one thing that the past few months have taught how to be creative enough regardless of budget.

Stay Fabulous and Glam!! I hope these products inspired you. These products were all in the $2-$10 range. The grand total for everything was about Jamaican $4000 or US $30.00. These are all drugstore products, but I'm challenging myself to live the no excuses life. Everything I do...regardless of cost...will look like a million dollars!! Let's see what looks we can create with these in the future!


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