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Luxe For Less: DIY Valentine's Day Basket

"If you only have one smile in you, give it to people you love"- Maya Angelou

Welcome back to the blog!!!

As the year is flowing and off to an okay start, I believe in ramping up life and allowing myself to be on a good flow!! Have a plan...and work it!! Once you push through that initial resistance and actually get things done...the rest of life flows in a nice and seamless pattern. The key to all life is discipline, and I'm finding that as I personally push through and accomplish even the simplest of tasks, the bigger ones somehow find a way to take care of themselves. As you all know...I love to create and I love to create care packages for people I love....just because it is a nice gesture to give. With time, I've done everything from stress packages for myself and the special people in my life to other creations for events like Bridal showers. With Valentine's Day on the approach, I do believe that now is a good time for us to start thinking about the people in our lives that we love, and to find ways to let them know we love them. I'll do my best to cover all bases...just so we all feel included. I know that in some spheres, that people feel lonely on Valentine's Day...but there are plenty of things to do regardless of life status. Let's delve into the level's why don't we:

Valentine's Day For Singles: The other day, I highlighted how important it is to celebrate each stage of your life. There's a reason for everything, and while you're the perfect time for you to:

a) Travel on a whim. There are certain things that you can't just randomly do when you have a family, and maybe now's a good time to go to carnival in Rio de Janeiro, or Trinidad...or even Vegas. These places exist for a reason!! If you have the can take many a roadtrip to somewhere exotic either in your own home town, or internationally. I personally have taken a few road trips in my life with besties. Jazz festivals, beach trips, concerts are the ideal things to do when you don't have any peripheral worries. Dance the night away, drink wine and eat pizza and stop worrying about things that shouldn't concern you in your youth.

b) Find yourself: Many a person wakes up at thirty, forty and even fifty to discover that they never knew themselves. Taking the time to experiment (we are all born scientists) in your single years enables you to discover if you're meant to be an entrepreneur or an employee, whether your a mogul or a socialite, whether you're traditional or conventional ,whether you're spiritual or not. Taking the time to try things out without consequences always works in your favor. When you finally meet your significant other and have your children, you'll have plenty of stories for your dates and for bed time!

c) Love yourself: Many times, people end up in situations that are less than favorable, because they didn't know themselves. They end up with toxic friends because they were trying to people please or become popular, when what they really wanted was to live a simple life, become a researcher, find the cure for something and be happy. They didn't marry the person they truly loved because they thought their family wouldn't approve. You can fill in all the reasons...but the point is that they simply weren't true to themselves because of fear of others opinion. When you truly love yourself, you won't be afraid to express who you truly are.

That being said, if you're single on Valentine's Day...take the time to enjoy yourself, pamper yourself, take a spa day...and simply take the time to dream of what kind of life and relationship you want for yourself and act out of the person you want to be. Don't give your energy and time to any and everyone...if you know you want to get married and be with the love of our life. It's better to be patient and wait...than rush into the wrong relationships to fill a void. If you hold on to what you don't want, you block the good of what you really want to come to you.

Valentine's Day for Couples: This scenario is a little less complicated that the previous stage because you actually have identified the person that you love and vice versa. The key in this instance is to value your significant other, and still keep life exciting. Travel together, always have yourself weekly date nights, and simply revel in all good things. This is supposed to be your best friend...and I do believe that married people should be the happiest people! What is key to a successful relationship is knowing your love language, so that the two of you can affirm each other.

Valentine's Day for Families: This one...I know from experience. My parents actually used to give us children...chocolates for Valentine's Day. I'd literally come from from school every year, to find chocolates on my chair in the car, or we'd have family Valentine's Day dinner. For those years preceding relationships, children need to be reminded that they are loved, so that they don't run off into the arms of strangers who mean them no good. Our family Valentine's dinners were menus like Chinese food, and interestingly one year...we had a power cut on Valentine's Day and we had dinner by candlelight. Your children will remember the love you pour into them, and they'll preserve it for for their own family.

With all that said...let's get to Valentine's crafting!!! You will need:

a) An active imagination (this will make the creation process more fun)

b) Body Products: Since this is a luxe for less Valentine's Day tutorial, I'm thinking all kinds of romance...and we are working with my favorite line - Body Philosophy. Wherever you are...I'm pretty sure you can find similarly priced items at places like the Dollar Store or your local pharmacy. These items...cost about two dollars a piece...and in terms of quality are comparable to higher end brands. I swear by these...they are everything!!

Our basket for this demonstration is a basket for a couple. You can actually scale accordingly. Let's do the levels:

Singles: Buy the pair that suits you. You can treat yourself, so simply purchase the lotion and body wash for you...and use it on that day. Affirm to yourself that you worthy of love.

Couples: Purchase two pairs: one for women, and one for men. For my inclusives (How you doin?) can find what works for the two of you depending on your tastes. For women, I personally like floral scents like the Japanese Cherry Blossom. For my couples basket, you can see that I have both the shower gel and the body lotion. For men, I have the Nuit Blanche body lotion and the shower gel. This is a more musky scent. Since the entire set only costs $8.00, you can create multiples of these across the year and even do a monthly pamper kit for each other without feeling like you're breaking the bank. You may have mortgages,car notes and school fees to save for...but that doesn't mean that you can't take care of each other.

Family: If you plan to do an entire family Valentine's Day basket, stores always have body washes and lotions that are child friendly. At places like the Dollar Tree, they always have branded body products in themes like Disney themes or characters they love (vicariously I figure that brands like Paw Patrol and Frozen will have products for children) so if you seek, you can always find them for affordable prices and include them in your package for your babies!!

c) Candles

Candles are always welcome on Valentine's Day for the ambience that they provide. Of course for the demo, I was able to pair my couples body sets with this CHILL candle by Bath and Body Works. These can be slightly pricey if you don't purchase them in the sales, but places like The Dollar Tree, Home Goods and Walmart tend to have affordable candles at prices in the $1-$5.00 range. Work with your budget is all I'm saying. If you only have $ can create your package at the Dollar Tree and it'll still look like a million dollars. If you have a larger budget, you can purchase your items from a higher end store. The simply to do it regardless of scale. I've stressed several times, that what you do on the small will eventually do at the grander scale.

c) A nice basket and some teal. The teal is optional...but I couldn't resist the pink teal I found.

Combine all the items together, add a few optional items like body oils, chocolates or any thing that you feel would add to the luxuriousness of the package, and you're good to go.

In my opinion, certain aspects of life aren't complicated. At the end of the day, as long as you're treating the people you love with respect, you'll always be able to find ways to enjoy life!!


I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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