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Making 2021 A Great Year

Welcome back to the blog,

The past week...was a dream come true! Words cannot express how happy I am about the changes in my millennial world. 2021 is truly an amazing year!! At this stage of my journey, I will be posting on all my social media platforms on Saturdays, so that I can have the week to focus on a few career related things. One of the most important things in life is balance, so I have promised to talk about the things that occur in my world...from a creative perspective. I'm sure that I'm not the only millennial who has at some point in their existence done the following things:

1) Collected stamps, shells and stones

2) Collected basketball cards

3)Collected CD's

4) Collected posters of your favorite musician

5) Collected nail polish

6) Collected Nancy Drew books

7) Collected Harry Potter books

The list can go on...but you get my drift. During the moments when we're not being a professional, spouse or parent, there are things that we can do to ensure that we are nurturing our creativity. Art is my escape from reality. I learn a lot about myself by the level of creativity that I have. When I'm artistic, I can tell that there's a lot of inspiration within, so I challenge myself to ensure that I keep flowing. Where there's joy, inspiration flows after and life is beautiful journey.

In the image'll notice a beautiful fern that's growing on a boundary wall between our home and our neighbour's home. You may notice...that the fern is growing out of the wall, and not from the ground. For those who do listen to hip hop...this is much like the rose that grew out of the concrete. My bougie version is the fern that grew out of the garden wall. This fern's seed was blown by the wind, and according to what it was given, the fern learned to thrive in the grout and accumulated soil, regardless of the environment that it was planted in. In of the lessons that we can learn, is how to thrive in our environments. The key to happiness, is not in whether everything is perfect around you, but learning how to center and ground yourself, so that you can grow despite all obstacles. This skill is something that I've learned to master over time. the midst of any situation.



This week I managed to change a few things in my beauty routine. As time progresses, I will definitely take the time to do more beauty related things. I find that if I can't do things on a macro scale, the micro version works just fine. Incorporated into the routine are my new face wash by Pears and Rose Oil by Pixi. The Rose Oil is a great treatment for my night time routine, and I'm ensuring that I at least take the time to deep cleanse and moisturize. I released a face mask and some micellar cleansing water. Otherwise, all systems are go. I believe that once you have your baseline covered, you can upgrade with time and we will definitely do this.



Life is cyclic in nature, and if you study it long enough, you can find patterns in your existence. As long as you live...January will start off the year...and before you know it....December rolls around. Time is passing and we have to be aware of the changes and embrace them. We are all born scientists and you can identify where the peaks are in your year, where your opportunities are, and what you can do to change them. That's what I did in 2020. I made some executive decisions across the year pertaining to all aspects of my life and actually started taking action towards them. Change won't happen in an instant...and once you decide and commit to a task and work towards will eventually happen. It's a law of life so you allow yourself to expect the change you want to experience.

In terms of goals, one of the best lessons that I've learned is to live the actions daily. Actions that are now second nature to me include:

a) Cleaning up in the evenings. My cleaning motivation wasn't something that came naturally to me...but once I discovered the cleaning movement on YouTube...I found that I wasn't alone. I wasn't the only woman who had to work, wasn't the only student...wasn't the only fill in the blank...who still had to ensure that either she cleaned her house, or had the means to have someone else do it for her. I find that as of this week, with the changes, I'm cleaning at around 7 pm. I find the energy after a long day...because I know I'm going to have to wake up early in the have my breakfast before I head out the next day. Clutter induces stress, so to ensure that I'm calm...I ensure that the kitchen and any critical spaces are clean the night before.

b) I'm a very conscious employee. I do not enter my work space without a vision. At work or in University, if you're not clear about what you will drift. Once you drift, you lose motivation so make sure that you have something that will keep you motivated on your projects. This could be the monetary gains, your future vacation, future wedding or the home that you are planning to either purchase or build.



This year...I've started a daily gratitude practice. When I am falling asleep at night...I think of three things I'm grateful for. Initially I'd started off by writing them down...but with the day's's actually easier for me to think of the items as I'm drifting. The effect is amazing and I find that I sleep better once I'm in a state of gratitude.

For this week, welcome change and be grateful for what you have, in order to make room for what you desire. Hopefully something new and good happened in your world!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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