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Making the Most of the Home Office: This Week's Snack Bar

Working from home is a peaceful existence. As a multi-tasker, I find that my days are taking on an interesting flow. The following is my work and study schedule. I won't be in this position for a long time thankfully, but it is the current state of my life. I am actually scheduled to return to school in about three months so yes, the phase won't last forever. In the interim however, I am working from home and running businesses that are part of my global legacy. It sounds fancy, but interestingly, after listening to many of my models, one of the things that I've noticed is that how you perceive something, is exactly how you'll treat it. If you care for a thing, you'll find a way to make it me.

Just to give a little history, ForeverLuxury is my baby, my brainchild. I created my brand in 2016 during the Christmas of my first semester at Case Western Reserve University. As you all know, essentially, once the semester begins it's like you become taken over by the flow, so I tended to neglect my channels. During the Christmas breaks however, I'd be that one aspiring model on the balcony in the cold, modelling coats. I'd posted that video, and deleted it. Additionally, I used to do cleaning videos in my apartment. The first cleaning video I ever did got about 200, and I was actually excited about how it turned out. My parents had gifted me about $200 and I'd taken the liberty to go Amazon prime and decorate my apartment in order to ensure that I felt at home and cozy that Christmas. It turned out well.

Three years later, after the interesting challenges that I have encountered, I'm finding that the vision I have for my channels is still the same, but I'm much more intentional about what I present. I'm sure that every YouTuber and blogger has gone through that learning curve of attempting many videos, and then you eventually find the niche that works for you, the vibe that you're going for. You feel at home doing what you're doing and simply allow yourself to grow and evolve in the niche. That's the space that I'm at now.

I've managed to rebrand myself, and in the process am excited about what my brand is going to evolve into. Regardless of budget I'm in to lux. I've always had a knack to make even $1...look like a million, so let's work the magic that will enable the evolution to happen. In terms of my work schedule:

3 am: Rise and meditate, and post to Instagram. I post five days per week and rest on the weekends. As you give of yourself, there's a point at which you have to allow yourself to regenerate and also to create your ideas for the new week.

5 am: Watch my lectures in Chemical Engineering

8 am: Breakfast

9 am: Work on client projects

4pm: Lunch/Dinner

6 pm: Watch my lectures in Business Management

Interestingly, sprinkled in the activities are my Instagram creations. I create my content the day before I post. I'm currently working with the following themes:

Monday: Food

Tuesday: Organization

Wednesday: Beauty

Thursday: Home Decor

Friday: Travel and Travel Planning

As I work on all of these visions, there's a point where I take some time to pamper myself. I've resumed the "coffee bar" that I used to have in my office. I went to the grocery store near me, and purchased some snacks for the week. In terms of the purchase, I really am focusing on eating healthier, so I've indulged in some mango Columbina sweets and some savory Snackables. I'll be refreshing this every week, so I'll keep you guys posted on what's on my desk. Motivation is sometimes hard to come by, so allowing ourselves to have items on hand that we can enjoy, is definitely worth the investments.

Working from home, doesn't have to feel like work, you can make it feel like an exotic experience. My entire ethos is that everything we do must feel beautiful. Adding touches to your decor can create that feeling of luxe, in a space that might feel very familiar every day.

At the end of the day, we are in charge of our destinies. Plant seeds that will grow into the trees that you'll be proud of in the long run.

Heading to work!!! Have a great day!!!


**Dr T**

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