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Mindful Living: Preparing For The Holidays

Welcome back to the blog,

Yours truly took some time off to be...and pretty much just live my life off screen. Life is good...I am happy and all is well. Regardless of the type of year that went ahead...once Christmas starts to roll around...there's an inherent sense of relief. I personally feel as if I've accomplished goals... and after all that joyful work...just want to relax and spend time with family and friends till the New Year. I feel recharged in January...set goals in the New Year...and then tackle them till November or so. It's an interesting cycle of progression. The aim is to be one year wiser each year...and master life.


With a little research, and some experience, one figures out how to shop with finesse. With the right budgeting strategy, and shopping strategy you will be able to win at life...have all the things you want and still get to keep your coins in tact. Before you must study. As you listen to others via their shopping experiences via hauls, you learn a thing or two about a thing or two. In my current experiences I've discovered two places where the price and quality seem just right.

Bath and Body Works: For the past eight years or so...I've been watching my favorite YouTubers haul Bath and Body Works lotions, body washes, body splashes, candles etc. I've been gifted Bath and Body Works products and they are one of the best pamper experiences I've ever had in my own home. When the sales approach at Bath and Body Works...thou shalt always be prepared. I've witnessed people shop for the entire year with only about a $100 budget, yet they carry home about 30 products and three bags full of items. These products overflow as gifts, stock the office and travel bag, or simply just stock your beauty and body care pantry in the house for a good ten months or so. You save your coins, yet feel like a princess every time you wash your hands, put on your lotion and have a shower. Seek places like this in your Christmas shopping, and you will win.

Walmart: When you're in the process of doing something major, all of a sudden every little counts. Home renovations, or even moving house can incur costs that you probably never anticipated. While all of this is happening, you still want to feel comfortable in your own home. For shopping experiences, you'd actually think that Amazon is the best place to find affordable items like bedding and towels. According to my research, the best place to find household items at really good quality and price points is actually Walmart or its website. As the seasons change, you will want to spruice up your home and this year is no exception. I personally like to have new towels out for Christmas. You may want new sheets, a Christmas tree or pygamas for the holiday season. Scout around...but more than'll find the best deals at Walmart...whether or not there's a sale. The price points are always good and most things are of excellent quality.


One of the best ways to mindfully shop is to write a list, along with the price of each item on your list. As you do this, you can run a few scenarios, calculate the budgets of each scenario, and get a feel for what everything costs before you purchase it. Maybe you discover that the appetizers you want for Christmas will be more than you anticipated. At this can start thinking about what substitutes you want...or if you can find those items in bulk elsewhere for a more affordable price. For instance, if you wanted high quality chocolate to give to family and friends, on a per unit price...The Dollar Tree is one of the best places to get bulk chocolate that you can utilize for a multitude of purposes inclusive of stuffing into stockings, placing on a candy or coffee bar, or giving to colleagues at work. Additionally, just like purchasing food, you will minimize the odds of impulse buying. You only figure these things out when you think ahead.


One of the best ways to save your money is to avoid going to the mall until its necessary. Essentials like food are a must have, so until its time for you to actually pick up all the items that you've mindfully identified as critical to your Christmas Operations, don't tempt yourself by going into a store. It's easier said than done...but with a little bit of discipline you'll find the balance between preparation and actually accomplishing the task.

One of the best ways to ensure that you aren't constantly shopping for thrills, is to shop once per month. You want to treat yourself, but not spoil yourself too much. When you get paid, set aside all your critical savings and payments and shop from the remaining balance. When your allowance is satisfied, you won't be worried that you've used the funds for the internet bill to purchase your new handbag. Everything will be properly allocated.

With a mindful approach to the shopping season, you'll be more confident as a shopper, less stressed and find yourself enjoying the holidays more. Take the time to prepare for the experience, so that you don't skip a beat!! You don't have to keep up with anyone...just live within your budget, and you'll still be able to have the Christmas of your dreams. If that means staying up till midnight to catch the online sales...scouting for deals, or getting your Christmas decor the January before when its all on clearance...then so be it!!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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