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Mindfully Creating a Beautiful Life

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Happy Tuesday!!!

Week five of twelve of the current semester is in full swing today!! One of the things that I've been meditating on is being YOUNG and EXCITING!!! Remembering the hundred plus year mission...we need to ensure that we make it a good and beautiful life!! Life has a way of numbing the joy if you let I've started consciously ensuring that during the day...there are pockets of joy. At this stage of the exercise the monotony of the work flow is attempting to set here are a few ideas that I've generated in order to regenerate that thrill for the week.

1) Be the HERO of your own story

One of my favorite YouTubers quotes all the time "You are gold!" I don't know where it came from...but it stuck with me as my life progressed. Essentially it was a reminder of our own value and our worth. When I woke up in this morning...I looked at my neon flash card with the mission of the week and said "It's good to have goal Tandy! How can we make today more exciting? What progress can we make today Dr T?" I have work at 2 pm and I remind myself that it's only four hours of labs and that it's me providing a service to my students. Beyond this is the grander vision and knowing that once I do it...that dream will be the thrill that allows me to feel like I'm floating through the day and not fighting through the day. Think about your own journey and see how you can make the day more compelling for you to experience today.

2) Celebrate the DAY once you've accomplished the objectives

One of my aims in life is to attend a Tony Robbins conference. If you ever watch what they do...there's a celebration. The entire group is jumping up and down to any random song that could be on the Space Jam soundtrack. It's all high energy and charged up!!! In the privacy of your own your own victory dance on a daily basis. We all know how life can be in the actual attempt to get things when they're accomplished...YOU MUST CELEBRATE!!!

3) Treat Yourself Across the Day

Starting with something small like your morning coffee...make sure that it's something that you're going to enjoy. I love doing things like added flavored creamer to my coffee. French Vanilla by International Delights is my favorites. Sitting with my coffee and some saltine crackers first thing in the morning...before I do anything grand...calms my mind.

Additionally...we can do things like pamper ourselves. As you all know...for the next six and a half months I'm the generic queen!! Now's a good time to update you on this week's adventure. I've literally been experimenting more out of necessity than anything as a true scientist...I have valid evidence that it is all WORTH IT!!! Tuesday is my general pamper day.

Last Saturday...I mentioned that I ran out of my Suave Cocoa Butter and Shea Body Wash. I swear by it!!! It's my current go to...and it smells like heaven. My substitute for this week is the Mildex Cocoa Butter bar soap (extreme left in this image). I'm actually impressed with it. I'm not a fan of bar soaps to be honest...but this one isn't bad. My skin isn't complaining and it's been about three days since I started using it. I guess according to the's designed to be gentle on the skin. Costing me just about US0.60's my winner of the week in terms of body care!! For those who remember the Happy Face combo...that also seems to be working quite well. The toilet roll could pass for Charmin...VERY soft...and laundry detergent is nice and fresh. Don't get me wrong...I love Tide and Purex...wouldn't trade them for the world...but with the current mission...the job is being done by my generics...and it's a job...VERY WELL DONE!!! I feel like a zillion dollars each day. I can proudly walk the streets of Kingston and feel confident in my project. Lol.

Hopefully you guys find the thrill in every day!!! Mindfully create so that you wake up every day with joy. It's nice to be the boss of your own existence!!!

I love you for reading!!! we all a National Holiday on the blog.


**Dr T**

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