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Monday Lifestyle: Knowing That You Are Enough

"All You Have to Know Is that You Are ENOUGH" - Many Sages

Hi There,

Welcome back to my blog!! My current work Rick Ross' Port of Miami you can play as you read!! I won't name names...but yes...some of us (including the LGBT community...I see you...and I love it!!!) are having a Hot Girl Summer that a million girls wish they Every time I check my Instagram...I literally go..."Yasssss!!!" I usually write these segments on a Monday morning, so by the time you read this...I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! I'd like to take a brief pause in my regularly scheduled program to say:


Honestly, if I wasn't doing cardio three times per week, I would have been extra SHOOK at the engagement announcement on Instagram when I saw it this morning! Yours truly is the type that social media purges on the weekends ( we talked about this helps to ensure you're restoring your personal energy and focusing on your own personal life goals..and eliminating that element of comparison and generating contentment), so after my work out this morning...and I was there sitting down to drink my morning smoothie, I saw the announcement. The entire summer of Jackie has lifted me in ways that I can't imagine. Before I start my day if I watch even one video...I'm hype for the whole day. It's that serious!!! Here's my ode to the entrepreneur and warm individual that she is.

The one lesson that I've learned from Jackie is to simply LOVE and enjoy who I am. I'm sure individuals from all walks of life can relate that the world, regardless of where you were born, and what level of society you are, has a way of making you feel like you're to conform to certain norms and that you are not as amazing as you believe you are. Watching how Jackie liberated herself and built a beautiful life for herself, on her own terms, with such honesty, freedom and integrity is something that I believe we should all allow ourselves to embrace. The entire YouTube community has impacted me positively and I find myself more confident every day as I tackle tasks. It helps me to visualize a brighter future. The first step to accomplishment is confidence, and beauty generates that confidence. A smokey more than a smokey could be one thing that changes your entire life and world view!! All the best to you and Denis on your new journey! You truly are an inspiration to me...and to many men and women around the world. We can be truly happy if we allow ourselves to be! I aim to be happy every day!! Is it easy...NO. Is it worth it...let's use Mr Big's version of...ABSOLUTELY!!!

That really lifted me!! In my reality...the above image is my current upgraded beauty additions. It's semi-ratchet don't judge...but it's better than where we were two months ago. There's growth!! I have started taking my skin care more seriously. With the changes in my diet, skin care routine and also exercise routine...there is a lot of positive energy flowing through me and I find that I am glowing and feeling healthier every day. To keep me lifted I do incorporate elements of aromatherapy. Essentially looking good, working out, and smelling great.

What's currently in my price range since I'm evolving is the Body Philosophy line. Body Philosophy is a UK based brand which seems to be in high distribution here in Jamaica. As someone who's used to brands like The Body Shop, as a student I've been seeking ways to replicate those experiences while on a budget. So I'm more into the drugstore experiences for various things including my skin care. The Body Philosophy line, averaging at just about $3.00 per bottle is satisfying that criteria. Every three weeks I purchase a new bottle of theirs and this week I purchased the Tropical Sunset body lotion. The smell of this is a coconut vanilla fusion. Scentwise, it is long lasting, though not as potent as higher end lines. It does the job as I said so I'm satisfied for the interim. I'm really enjoying being able feel like I'm on vacation, even though I'm going through my routine at home and just flowing through my activities for school.

In terms of my business, it is growing and expanding. I finally managed to create my Making Money Online with Fiverr tutorial for those persons who would be interested in starting their own corporation online (or expanding your existing operations), and allowing your life to be one that they dream of living. If it wasn't for the internet, YouTube and all the motivational books I've read in my past...I don't think I'd be as mentally strong as I am today. You have to trust life...when someone tells you can have what you want, that you're beautiful, successful and meant for great things. We are the sum total of our thoughts...and with continuous reinforcement we do realize that our destinies will unfold and fulfil!!

The week continues to unfold so as usual I'm utilizing the following strategies:

1) Working with my calendar

2) Exercising for 1 hour three times per week

3) Filling in the additional days with about half an hour of cardio or stretching

4) Daily affirming positivity

5) Pushing through the pain and getting things done!!

Live your best and amazing life!!


**Dr T**

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