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Monday Lifestyle: The Great Outdoors

Welcome back to the blog,

As someone who revels in the great outdoors, I find it particularly important in these times that we are spending predominantly at home, to enjoy the great outdoors where you can. Even if it's snowing, I've noticed that there are people who simply allow themselves to step outside and take in the fresh air, and even do fun snow activities. You just work with the environment that you are in.

As people, we are social, and we are connected to the Earth, and being outside is part of our being. I personally go out every day, even if it's for the one hour of sunshine on my balcony. There's a part of me, that can't stay home for more than a few days. I'll step outside, I'll explore and just allow myself to have fresh new experiences even if all I'm doing is going up the road to exercise. It just does something to your spirit and makes you feel more healthy and alive. Even on my work out routes, I explore different territories that I haven't been on before, in order to stimulate my brain and body.

This morning...I woke up with a bout of energy, and decided to tackle the yard. I am currently in the process of learning to prime myself and ensure that I'm energetically present to the world and active. When my being feels like it's being energetically drained, I push harder to be more positive and accomplish things. After Sunday's walk, I noticed that the almond tree was shedding leaves all over the front lawn, and I pretty much made a mental note, that this morning, I would tackle it. I have it in my being that by midday, I'm settled at my computer to tackle emails and calls.

And tackle the lawn I did. For general home maintenance, I utilize these items:

1) Lawn Mower

2) Rake

3) Gloves

4) Biodegradable bags

With the lawn in a state, I set an intention to collect and bag the leaves. The number of leaves though...indicated that the number of bags needed would be a high number and since we believe in conserving resources, a creative idea that we had, was to simply place the leaves in the hedge as a mulch. As the weeks progress, the leaves will turn into mulch ( as the rain and heat act on it) and the leaves will eventually nourish the living plants.

The process itself is actually quite therapeutic, and I find that I'll definitely do it even if it's just once per week. Once I was finished, I decided to tackle the capsule garden.


Fortunately, the capsule garden is growing and thriving. The after is shown below. The rain is helping the space very much. I took the time to clear around the pots, and also to remove the weeds that had gathered around the growing vegetables and aloe vera.

Productivity Tips:

As an operations manager, I have taken the time to ensure that I'm running the house like I run the plant. With critical equipment, it will be necessary to ensure that they are serviced and we definitely take the time to do this. The lawn needs attention about once per month, and maintenance about once per week just to do the top ups and keep the place neat. In the yard, we have various plants that shed, and these include the palm trees, almond trees and occasional shrubs.

Motivation is not the easiest thing to come by, and by setting a two hour timer, I pretty much just went ahead and started working on the leaves. As the momentum builds, you'll actually feel yourself wanting to do more and more.

Eventually, after about an hour and 8 minutes, the front yard was completed, and I took the time to spend about half an hour on the vegetable garden. The plants are growing nicely, and we are actually in a position now, where we can utilize the various vegetables for the kitchen. Here is the escallion from about four weeks ago now:


While I'm not expecting us all to be farmers, I find that in the current condition that the world is in, becoming more self sufficient won't be such a bad idea in the long run. With the current global crises, and the potential for anything from black outs to hurricanes that can affect our food supply, it always helps to have:

a) An emergency supply of food in your pantry. These could be essentials that are either in tins or dried items like flour that you can use to make your own bread. When I was much younger I read Little House on the Prairie and marvelled with myself how they used to manage to live off the land. As a modern child, their existence was pretty exotic to me. Keep this stock separate from your main food supply, so that you don't have to worry in times of emergency. What can work, in order to keep your food fresh, is that you can rotate items from your emergency stock into the current food supply so that the items in that stash remain fresh.

b) A vegetable garden. It seems like we'll be on a relative go slow for about a month. That being the case...where possible growing your own food always seems like a good idea. If you grow the staples like vegetables - spinach, pak choi, lettuce and eggplants, you'll be able to last for a much longer time without supermarket visits.

The past two weeks has definitely had me pondering, although I do take the time to head into town and do my business. The trips are going to potentially be reduced, but still be warranted none the less. Having more fresh produce will ensure that as a household, we can stretch the supermarket run from one week to about 1.5 weeks and stay safer in our daily livelihoods.

While I'm not particularly paranoid, I definitely find it useful that a garden is a key thing that we can have on hand. Even if you can't grow a full garden, a stash of fresh herbs on your counter, or your verandah can work wonders. I've seen many micro gardens and they work quite fine.

I'm definitely ensuring that I spend more time in the great outdoors. We do have seeds, and I'll take some time to actually clear a patch. We have pumpkins outside and I feel like I want to grow some pak choi and lettuce.

I will keep you posted! Stay positive!!


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