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Monday Motivation: Getting It Together For the Week Ahead!

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Happy Monday!!!

I hope the weekend found you well! I promised to change the beach scenes on the I have no idea where on Earth the above is (this has the Portland vibe though...very Blue Lagoon-eque)...but it felt refreshing enough for me to post on the blog. I am one very happy woman this morning. Not because life is perfect (yet...though I doubt it will ever be)...but because the simple word...progress is being made:) Yours truly is now up by 2 am (this is recurring for unknown reasons...circa 1 20 am I'm awake every night lately) so I went ahead and finished another application for school. I'm currently at 50% of my quota for the application pool. I'll talk about a few of my tips later down the blog. Regardless of what we all are doing...I think the point was for us all to have vacation vibes so that the week ahead will feel like a breeze...and we're motivated!!!I want to turn up the POSITIVE vibes, and have us all sailing through the day.

Re normal life...yes...the first load of laundry is in the wash by the time the blog post is published. You all know by's Monday and that's my flow. I multi-task where I can. The beauty about YouTube is that it's easy to get inspired when you watch other people clean. Last night I literally binge watched....the 25 minute clean the entire house segments for a good two I feel inspired this morning to tackle my small space and have it feeling fresh for the week. Based on my constraints...Monday is the best day for me to clean. I'm gearing up to go back to work tomorrow...and so today's cleaning best practice is the relaxing spa music in the background. I've been sleeping to spa music as well...and I'm finding that it helps to keep me calm as I flow through the other parts of the day. I have papers to mark at around 11 I've started creating the ambience for that. Marking is mundane...but if you divide, conquer and create the perfect ambience...the day flows as it should.

I don't rush through my weekends, since the weeks themselves are so hectic once the labs begin. Once Friday approaches...I literally tune out the past few days and just allow myself to restore to myself. There are five weeks left in the semester at this point. Next week makes it one month left of the I'm pretty sure that I'll sail through if I continue my current regime. The entire experience has been a series of allowing myself to learn what works for me...and simply allowing myself the chance to flow instead of fighting the experience.

The application flow is going! I do what I can. I DESIGNED it that that I'm not stressed out in the process. Remember early in the year we talked about being INTENTIONAL. I am practicing that. My first round feed back is actually at the end of pray for me guys!!! What I REALLY want is to return to my department in the Fall of 2019. My mind still lives in Cleveland. Up to last my dreams I was giving people directions around the school environment. I was walking on Chester Avenue near that mosque and someone needed directions to a museum near Case Western. Lololol. Yes...these dreams recur. About three weeks back I was directing people to the Engineering building, while I was walking on Euclid Avenue. My mind fixates on things...and always wants to finish what I started at the Weatherhead School of Management. They say that your brain reconciles while you I let it reconcile. I'm sure I'm not the only one with recurring dreams like this.

Second tier applications for me are due in April and May, so I've started gearing up for those. The following are my tips for my current process:

1) Relax. If you recall in week one...I'd identified that I have application tiers. My tier one contains my dream schools...and I sent all those applications from last semester. My tier two batch are due this quarter so I'll finish those at the end of March/early April. The programs are all good in the entire batch...and I'm just using these as backup part one. My back up part tier three programs are due in July (one has a rolling application) I don't need to stress out for these.

2) Pre-write your essays. I have been strategic in my application flow. I'm applying to three types of I standardize the essays to each one. I simply tweak one area for each application essay type, and that's the section with the research. Since each department has different research opportunities, I've taken the time to look at the offerings and see where I'd fit. In the standard essay, I keep my background steady, but then go ahead and customize the visionary portion to suit the individual entity.

3) Be confident. There are some entities which you might feel intimidated to apply to. When you read their requirements, they tell you upfront what their criteria are. If you're not there might feel intimidated. I still apply, because there are many deciding factors in the choices that the departments make in choosing their candidates. Just because you don't have a 340 GRE score....doesn't mean you don't have the experience to get into the program. You might have had a bad exam day that affected you...but the three years of work you did prior can more than suffice for the gap. Trust yourself...and do it any way. Feel the fear!!! It's part of the process. Growth is nurtured in discomfort. It's the only way you'll stretch to the mark.

4) Have fun!!! With all things in need to ensure that you enjoying the process. What I find is that unless I feel compelled to apply to a program...I don't do it. I might feel resistance as I proceed...but that's usually the sign that I'm either not enjoying it...or probably just need to find an alternative.

These are my thoughts on my project!!! We all have differing was just thinking aloud. Whether you're a YouTuber wanting to take your business to the next level (aiming for 1000 subbies by year end myself)...or just a random visitor who stopped by the four tennets still count. The point is to visualize...create a plan...and then execute. What I do with you talk you through the process of first the dream...and then the achievement in small steps. It helps to have a series of accountability partners. At 4 am as I was applying...knowing that I'd be blogging about the experience made me more excited to do it!! The experience isn't happening in a vacuum...and I can always share my the process of doing feels less montonous!!!

How much progress have you made this week on your career, education business? That is the question! Forward is a any direction!!!

Have a great day!!


**Dr T**

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