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Monday Motivation: Winning the Week!

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Happy Monday!!,

I hope the morning finds you well. I woke up this morning in a good mood, and set an intention to keep my week that way. I'm on a mission to pretty much control (as best as I can) my mood, actions and outcomes for this week. In my last video I'd mentioned that I was coming from a regime of seven people in the household, and am now living in a small "studio" in May Pen. Here, I still have to answer to my landlady to some extent, so I'm not one hundred percent autonomous, but have more freedom than I did when I was living at the house. My mission for the next few months is to gain full autonomy. On the quest to own your own life, you have to ensure that each day, you're being accountable and living your own purpose.

Over the past three weeks or so, my landlady has to some extent, attempted to control part of my schedule, so some aspects of my living do feel like I'm partially at a boarding house. I'd mentioned yesterday, that she'd prefer for me to not clean on a Sunday, she has her preferences for certain other things like how I manage the recycling versus compost - and a myriad of other rules which can become overwhelming if you keep up with them all. Last night I was watching one of those cooking movies on Hallmark (they seem to love that theme for some strange reason...and it turned out that one of the chefs was stressing a little creativity every now and then.) Rules...though I abide by them...constrict things...and at certain times of your just need to free flow. This is what I'm aiming to do now with my life...just free flow in the windows where I don't need structure. If you're not strong, you'll start bending to other people's will. Ensure that you have a vision for your life, and stick to it. People will always attempt to have you in their agendas if you don't have your own.

This week, we are back on the organizational roll. If you recall from last week's schedule - I'm writing this at 7 28 am, and the first load of laundry is in the washing machine. By 8 15 am, I'll have started breakfast and my second wash load which is pretty much the week's work clothes. In the two hours that start my morning, I just want to be on my own flow, and actually allow myself to fully wake up and then start the day. Yesterday afternoon, I actually took the time to meal prep, so all of my lunches for Monday to Wednesday have been prepared. I'll freeze one lunch, so that it'll be preserved for Wednesday when I go to work. If you recall, I tend to miss lunch on Wednesday, so I'm ensuring that all is in order for that day. I've been pushing a little harder than I should, and just want to restore normalcy where I can. I'm on a shake mission, so I'll buy two tomorrow for further discussion in this week's video.

Additionally, with respect to the day, I've highlighted my work schedule for the day, and just allow myself to do what's on my list for the day. I run a small online business, so on days like today...I cater to my clients projects while I have the time. When I'm not in the lab, as I mentioned, I run my blog, run my business, run my YouTube channel and organize for the rest of the year. The most important and challenging part of any day, is the actual task achievement after the dreams have been created, so I challenge myself to push through as I start the week!

I wish you guys all the best for the new week. I listen to audiobooks as I work, so for those of you who like to multi-task, it's a useful background activity. I use the author's voices to filter our background noise and allow myself to simply center and focus. There are some days, even though I've had a full night's rest...where I still feel like I'm tired and carrying a load. What music, and motivational talks do to me, is relieve that burden and allow me to thrive in my day.

Have a calm, productive, and fulfilling week! Tomorrow, we'll delve into a few lifestyle loves detangler is everything. I've started using it as a scalp massager. Lol. This is a week I have to push through...but once the new week approaches, I'll be sailing through!!


**Dr T**

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