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Monday Organization: Happy Cleaning

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Happy Monday!!!

I hope the week finds you well. After all that dreaming on a is time to get back to reality. According to my schedule for the next seven weeks, I'm currently working from Tuesday to Friday...and organizing life the remaining three days. Monday...just happens to be my cleaning day. Interestingly...I clean on Mondays...under duress...but generally for those who know me...when it comes to cleaning I'm really more like the lady in the image.

The other day I'd said that I enjoy my independence...but that independence comes with a grain of salt. That grain of my landlady. When I was interviewing for the realtor had dropped some hints that my landlady was strict and I just simply brushed it off. After the second week...reality started to sink in folks. My place is periodically inspected and I'm literally under pressure to keep it clean because she'll complain if there's a speck of dust. Since you're counting down with me let's affirm: "'re only here for about six more months...just do what she says...and there will be PEACE!" So peace on Earth there is:)

Every Monday morning (which is now as I write) I start the process of cleaning my flat. It's a small space so I'm usually finished in about four hours including laundry drying time. The following is my flow:

7 am: Start laundry. I do two loads with my Happy Face laundry detergent. It has a nice fresh scent. I'm winning with this one! The first load is the sheets and towels. I'm currently working on changing the theme of the sheets every for March I'm on the French inspired red, blue and white striped sheets. My towels are red and they also match the sheets. The machine cycle is one hour so the two loads are finished by 9 am and are ready for drying.

8 am: I have breakfast while the clothes are being washed.

9 am: Laundry is finished! I start cleaning the bathroom. I start working on the tub. I have a rubber non-slip bath mat that I wash early in the morning, and then place in the sun to further sanitize.

10 am: I start working till 4 pm. I finish up on any projects I have and organize myself for work tomorrow. Monday is an off day as you know.

4 pm: I scrub the bathroom, dust the desk, the dressing table and side tables, and then sweep and mop the flat. I'm currently loving Mistolin Morning Mist as my all purpose and floor cleaner. If there was an award for cleaning products...PriceSmart's all purpose cleaner (the blue one) king! Between that and will always win the prize for clean. for now. It leaves the room with a nice floral scent for a good two to three hours after I've finished so I feel like a new woman when I walk into the room.

There's always a lesson to be learned in everything. My former boss taught me the concept of stooping to conquer. This works in many since I'm literally here for the few months...I just ensure that I'm in my landlady's good I clean and smile.

I hope you guys are having a good week! Good luck with the projects. Sending off application three tomorrow!! I have about five more left. Lolololol.


**Dr T**

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