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Monthly Pamper Package: March 2020

Welcome back to the blog!!

With all things, eventually you find your rhythm. As is customary on my sites, we are all about self care. While the majority of my demographic is women, every now and then, I'll try to find some items that are either catering to men, or unisex items that we can utilize in our self care routine. You can't please everyone, and for the most part, I'll represent what I feel that millennial women would appreciate.

As a start, my feet were in a state as I mentioned. As a consultant now, who is now client facing, I realized that wearing heels wasn't something I'd done in a hot minute, and my feet reacted to the change. I had minor blisters and realized that I needed to attend to them. From a previous blog article, I'd mentioned that I'd purchased some Epsom Salts, and have started my weekly foot soaks, just so I can keep my feet sandal ready and soft. Salt is a healer, and if you have blisters or blemishes, it will heal them perfectly. With respect to the rest of my care, here is today's haul. All of these items were purchased at Woolworth's Jamaica.

Docile Eucalyptus: Yours truly doesn't like to get colds. I started a regimen of juicing a few years ago, and found that with that process, when the flu season came around, I wasn't susceptible. Living in the hills now, with the variable weather patterns, I'm finding myself having to adjust to the temperatures. If I have a slight sniffle, I'll take some eucaltyptus drops like these as well as some vitamin C. Cost JMD $16.31 or USD 20 cents.

Nailpolish: Klean Kolor Nail Polish in #331: I wanted something fresh and interesting for spring, and when I saw this, I had to have it. Woolworth's has great items for affordable prices and when I decided to start my monthly pedicures, the fact that I can pick up one nailpolish per month without guilt, is something that I am excited and thrilled about. At JMD $165.00 per month or just about $1.00,. I'll be enjoying the process of changing out my nail colour every month and simply allowing myself to stay fabulous on a budget.

Santee Lip Gloss: Since I'm home circa four days per week, I tend to wear less make up unless I'm filming a YouTube video, but want to be feeling chic none the less. What I love to do in this instance, is to wear glosses. I have staple lip glosses that I'll wear if I'm running errands versus lipsticks that I'll wear if I'm in meetings and client facing. For the days when I'm low key yet chic...glosses are life! I don't spend a lot on glosses to look chic...and tend to pick up $1.00 glosses and they work just fine! This golden gloss from Santee at JMD $175.11 is ideal for my home and shopping needs. I'll test it out and let you guys know what I think of it. For the most part, I've been using Santee make up primers, and find that I love the brand.

Cotton Pads: You can never have enough of these for your beauty needs. I purchased these specifically for my pedicure kit. At a price of $JMD $178.00, these are spot on for the price to quality ratio. I find that the Compact brand works quite well for me, and I'm always satisfied with their items. I buy the wipes from this brand as well, and find that it is as good as brands like Johnson and Johnson. My inner marketer loves these, and where generics are concerned, I always get the basics in generics and then use the money saved to buy higher end products for special occasions.

Acetone: As a chemist, there are certain beauty items that I'll buy generic as well. Nail polish remover is definitely one. You can either buy it in the raw form as acetone, and I took the time to stock up on this. Beauticians purchase these for your pedicures and manicures, and if you want to be able to remove your acrylics or gels at home, this is the form to get. Nail polish removers tend to have additional additives that weaken the strength, so while you'll be able to remove nail polishes with it, if you have a professional manicure, raw acetone works best to remove the gel. You can simply soak a cotton pad in your acetone, take some foil and use it to secure the cotton pad around your nail. In about ten to fifteen minutes it'll remove the gel. If I have a special occasion like a wedding to attend, I will get a professional manicure, but then remove it myself via this process.

For this week's shop I did pick up a few essentials such as wipes, which I've already started using. I'm sure you all know I live for these! I can never have enough wipes. I value hygiene as a means of health maintenance and have wipes with me everywhere that I go. The types of wipes that I purchase are:

1) General Wipes: These are great for hands while I'm either in need of a quick refresh, or out and about and have to use a public restroom.

2) Intimate Wipes: I have these stocked in my restroom for quick refreshes across the day.

3) Antibacterial: When I'm on a day trip to places like the beach, I keep these in my stock. If I am at a fast food restaurant and haven't had time to wash my hands, I'll reach for these.

4) Cosmetic Wipes: Post make up, I use these to remove my make up. If I don't have any on hand, I'll just use general wipes like the Freshmakers wipes you see in this month's basket for a one time use until I can restock with the cosmetic grade.

Just thought I'd give you a quick update! Every month, I'll let you all know what items I'm loving and testing!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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