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Motivation and Style: Home Business Enhancers

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“People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.” – Rob Siltanen

Running a home business is one of the most liberating experiences one can experience. At the same time, there are moments of monotony, that the entrepreneur must overcome in order to ensure that they are getting the results that they are seeking. As a student, YouTuber and Blogger, there are a few tools that I have been using over the past few months in order to make my life easier.

For YouTube: My channel is quite small because I restarted it in January of this year. One of the keys to standing out in a search is to have the thumbnails that are attractive to the viewer. Over the past few months, I have been using Canva . Once you get to the point of SEO, the thumbnails become key to ensuring that you have the target viewer click on your video. Most home entrepreneurs aren't graphic artists and Canva is a tool that I have found to be key to ensuring that you have the quality needed, without having to spend a lot of time learning how to manipulate graphics. With both stock photos and the ability to upload your own images, the templates there are ideal for a baseline. You simply tweak as you desire, and you're good to go with high quality thumbnails, in literally less than fifteen minutes!

For My Clients: I have been doing a lot of social media management for my clients. Client engagement requires posting on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With the blog, the autopost feature is a God-send. Likewise, with the social media sites, there are plug-ins and tools such as Buffer that you can use to autopost on your sites.

Depending on your needs, if you're a business owner these are helpful. I'm not sponsored by the organizations. For the most part, some of these tools are free as a base, and then you can take advantage of the advanced features if you feel like you'll need them to enhance your business. Most persons don't need to use more than the basic features, especially when you're starting out.



People...this blog is not all work and no play!! I've shifted my vacation to July due to fashion week on June 13-16, but I have started collecting items that I'll be wearing in the week that I'll be away. In one of my previous videos, I'd mentioned that I'd purchased the following J-Lo inspired dress the other day. Here is how the dress fits.

Here is the dress in its glory. For a nice beach vacation, Maxi dresses are always the go to for effortless fashion. Purchase maxi dresses in a multitude of vibrant prints in order to have that "exotic" vibe! In terms of accessories you will need:

1) A bikini to wear under the dress (that's my current plan)

2) Cute sandals (yours truly still needs those Valentino dupes in tan and gold! She has to have it!!!)

3) Your shades

4) A straw beach bag just a week and I'm wearing this to give the same dress a spin:

If you're just at home for the weekend, working from home, a stay at home mom, on maternity leave etc...a maxi dress is ideal to have in your collection. They are cool, they are effortless (just wash and wear), and you still feel put together without that overly done corporate vibe. Even if you have your hair in a simple'll still feel effortlessly beautiful. Make up home...I just put on tinted moisturizer and some lipgloss of choice. The extra-ness...we will save that for the boardroom! Since it's summer and we're working from home... the point is to stay chill...yet fly!

By the way...the dress is a $5.00 find. I promised you...that we'd live luxuriously for less!

Enjoy the day! Stay fabulous!


**Dr T**

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