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Motivation: Everything is Amazing!

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" After the storm...there's a point at which you realize...that everything will be okay" - Tandose M. Sambo

Yours truly is proud to announce that after about five months of restlessness...I finally accomplished that mission of achieving a FULL eight hours worth of sleep - in a straight flow. This has not happened in ages...and when it finally did...I woke up this morning in a state of bliss. As recommended by me to me (after walking up the hill to my parents home the other day...yes God!) , and also by watching other persons on a similar journey to "Operation Snap Back" and being inspired, I'm finding that my mind, body and spirit...are more in sync with each other and I feel more at peace because all facets of my being are being attended to.

I started exercising again...about a month ago...and the effects are finally showing. My routine is very simple...because I'm underachieving my way to I'll soon ramp up...but for now...I give myself micro challenges because I'm on a break...and my body and mind need rest. For those who can relate...when you're in the actually does drain you because you're giving to people. As you give of your become depleted...and eventually your body starts to rebel.

This is exactly what happened to me after the semester ended. For about two weeks after the event...I still felt in my being like I was getting up and going to work...but then eventually...a month later my body caught up with the reality that I wasn't under any pressure any more...that the stress had been released, the past was gone...and that I'm really just here to CREATE...the next steps of my journey. Call this my...Eat Pray Love moment if you will...but I accept it for what it is...and am enjoying the journey and allowing myself to be free for a few months. I literally have nine weeks left of this free flow! There is a season for everything under the sun!

My current exercise routine is one of three main activities. Here's me channelling all my years of dancing in my own creations (thank you Marlon, Keita and Maria):

Step One: I warm myself up. After about four months of inactivity, certain muscles were tighter than normal in my entire body. I'm aware of my standing posture. One of my an orthopaedic I've started becoming more aware of my alignment and particularly how my feet feel. I start with my neck, and simply do about twenty neck rolls in each direction. Then I transition to my shoulders and roll forwards and backwards till I feel them loosen up. The next stage is the main spine and I warm that area up in a similar manner. I do a rotation in a forward, side, back, forward flow in either direction. For my hips I do a slow roll, just to warm up the pelvis, and finally I stretch my legs. Since I'm home...I simply put on one of those YouTube mixes (actually started off with the Usher Confessions album so my runs last for about 1 hour and 20 minutes using the special edition as my standard for time!). The warm up is the first twenty minutes. Thank you If I don't want to measure the time...I simply use one song for each motion.

Step Two: The next twenty minutes (or four songs) is the cardio portion of my workout. This involves calf exercises for the first five minutes. I then do intense cardio (jumping jacks and windmills and running) for the next fifteen minutes. The higher energy the music is, is the more I feel inclined to push through. Additionally, because I'm inspired to stay healthy, I use an intention that I know will pull me through the cardio. I'm healthy so I think about something like wanting to be a fit role model for my three future children, or looking great in my Instagram feeds, or looking snatched for vacay. You all know what I The purpose must be meaningful or else you won't want to do it! There's enough resistance in the world.

Step Three: The next twenty minutes...are for abs!! Yes...interestingly enough for about four months I thought I couldn't gain weight. After the month of being home...I noticed a difference let's just say. So yes darlings...ab workouts it is!! Thou shalt always stay snatched! I do the regular crunches where I simply lay on my back, with my legs grounding me as support. I then place my hands behind my head and work away for about five minutes. I then step it up a notch, with the yoga inspired crunches where I am lifting both arms and legs.

Step Four: The warm down. Using the last twenty minutes (or the last four I simply stretch myself till I'm cool. With deep breathing exercises I allow myself to relax.

By the time I reach step four...I'm pretty tired...but I shower and then do something fun for about two hours after...which helps to ensure that my mind is tired. Once you're at the point where you're tired but still conscious...(you still feel energized...but know you need rest)'s time to relax and then sleep. I usually end the day the way I started it...with a reflection and relaxing music playing...and then allow myself to focus on a future intention...and then simply drift off to sleep.

Before this routine...I was waking up in the middle of the night...circa 2 am every night...and I noticed this morning...when the alarm itself woke me up...(yay!!) that I'd mastered my body. I will definitely keep this up...and document the process in video when I get a chance.

Have a great day!!!


**Dr T**

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