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Motivation: The Wolf On The Hill

"The wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf that's climbing the hill."

Have a great day whenever you see this. Yours truly is heading home for one day today. I'll be turning off my computer (carrying my can we survive without tech?) As part of my journey...I have decided to walk the two miles up the hill. This is a symbolic journey. I thought now would be a good time to talk about how I got my engineering job. I'm going to repeat the same process for my PhD.

Once upon a time, yours truly took a course on preparing for the future. Essentially, we were taught to act as if that which we wanted had manifested. I was a demonstrator at the time, and I remember telling myself "Act as if you have the job you want". I'd repeat it to myself over and over again. So I started figuring out what to do in order to accomplish that objective. I did the following:

1) Imagine the life I wanted

2) Dress for the job I wanted. I didn't wear jeans to work, even though I was just in a lab. I wore dress pants, a dress shirt and some wedges.

3) I found an accountability partner

My accountability partner and I were on a similar path. Both of us were job hunting, so we took the time to simply share the task. Every Wednesday I got the paper, and every Sunday...she got the paper. We told each other our intentions, and so we knew what the other wanted in terms of the search. As my luck would have day she said the following: "Did you see this? There's a Process Engineer job at Jamalco. If I recall, you did study engineering." Likewise, I'd found a job for her at the Bureau of Standards. The job...just came to me with action of course.

The next steps were where the even bigger challenge came. I applied...and got an interview. The out of town. It's literally about ten minutes from where I currently live in May Pen...which makes the current experience surreal. I'm not expecting to be here right now...lololol. When I told my parents I'd gotten an interview, me and my boujee self asked to borrow the car to go for my interview. I'd just returned from Leeds, so didn't have a car at the time. The response was the opposite of what I expected..."Well...I have a meeting...but I can carry you to where the buses travel to May Pen." Not exactly how I'd expected my grand entrance on the plant to be...but as long as I could reach the plant...I'd be there.

And as my luck would have it...I reached on time...and the smell of the caustic and the buzz of the equipment had me at hello. And I just knew that I had to be there. I interviewed...and repeated the process to return home. I was finished before midday, and yours truly not wanting to wait on my parents to head back up the hill...I decided to WALK...the two miles up the hill. I did have all the time in the world after all...and I was in a dance company at the time...and we had a season preparing for. The exercise-time management combo...was exactly what I needed. (Thinking positively here!)

So walk up the hill she did. While I was walking however...I started doing something. I started affirming to myself the following. " I got the job! I got the job! I got the job!". This went on for about twenty minutes. Half way up the hill...I got a call from HR. The following was the message. "Tandose M, you got the process engineering job at the plant. You start on December 12. All we need from to fill out a personality test and you'll be good to go!"

Three years later...I'm ready to tackle new territories. I've lived the plant life...and I'm ready to create new experiences for myself. I really want to consult and do my I am affirming the position, and allowing myself to fulfill. As mentioned, this quarter is the quiet quarter. I enjoy every phase of life to be honest. I walk up the hill...I'll be affirming..."I got in! I got in! I got into my dream school!" Additionally...I'll affirm that I'm fully funded...amen! If it works...I'm definitely going to work it. I'm really putting to the test...the concept of being mentally tough...and not succumbing to the pressures of the external environment.

What big dreams do you have in the works and are you motivating yourself to achieve them? Are you envisioning that house, that car, that vacation? You have to motivate yourself in this life!! These are just some of my tactics. Tomorrow...when I return...I'll focus on the styling aspect of life. I always scope before I we're looking at travel bags tomorrow! approaching!!!

Application count for this week: 3, 2 more to go! I rest on the weekends!


**Dr T**

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