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My Rhythm Table: Settling Into a Nice Flow

"Today is a great day to have a great day!"

Welcome back to the blog!!

As life unfolds, I am finding myself happy and sticking to a routine. Happiness, as we've mentioned on the blog is not having everything go perfectly, but making the progress that we desire towards the objectives that we want in life! Once we have progress..even in micro increments...all is well.

At this point in time, I am exercising three times per week. It does take effort, but I find that once I'm all dressed and out "there", the effort is actually well worth it. You are responsible for your own life, and the one thing I know is that with the many pulls on your can experience energy draws from various directions you didn't expect. If you don't manage your energy, you lose control of your life. Step one is to work out. If you feel good about your'll pretty much feel good about everything else in life because you'll be more confident and have the energy to go after what you want!!

One thing that I need to challenge myself to stick to my water quota. Fortunately, I'm able to stick to my exercise routine...but the water part is something else that I have to find a way to accomplish. With respect to my life, I have managed to create a weekly schedule, and I'm also tallying how many job applications that I'm sending out to recruiters. For today's update, I thought it would be best to move in silos.

CHANNEL ORGANIZATION: This is an important mini announcement!! I was trying to do everything on my main channel ForeverLuxury, and decided to move the career talks to LinkedIn. I thought it would be more appropriate there!! We all need that balance between fun and work. All the career videos...that I usually post on ForeverLuxury's YouTube channel...will now be posted to LinkedIn. Additionally, all my career related posts, will be posted to LinkedIn as articles! I just thought that would be more fitting since I'm on a decorative, creative flow on that space and don't want to suddenly just drop in a career chat! What I'll be doing on LinkedIn will be themed content related to my profession as an engineer and consultant...and also throw in a little business etiquette...and corporate clothing hauls and what's in my handbag videos. Tomorrow's video for instance...will be on Corporate Gift Giving. I post every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to LinkedIn. Here is my link: Tandose Sambo


From the above, yours truly has started discovering that in the household, we tend to use the standard items that you'll find in your pantry and fridge, but with an interesting local Jamaican twist! I showcased a short video on my Instagram (yes girl...I love my Tandy's Kitchen and Lifestyle Minute segments...they are so much fun to film). To summarize for you all:

Ketchup: We have used ketchup forever and a day...however one day I discovered that the family switched over to this Peach-Mango Ketchup! Yes God! of Jamaica's top food brands, went ahead and started spinning out the ketchup flavors and this is their latest creation. Go R and D...because I am living for this!! It still tastes like ketchup I'm used to...but it has a slightly sweeter taste to it thanks to the mangoes and the peaches.

Cassava-Coconut Pancakes: As a brief back story...a certain person in the household once had grand plans to start a food business. They love cooking to the point where when my siblings and I were younger...they'd cook things like Chinese food for our birthday parties...and the parents of all the children who were invited would ask if it was take out, and search the kitchen for the boxes as proof!! When summers come...they are the grill master of the household. Since the anonymous soul loves day this week...I found not one...but two large packets of these Cassava-Coconut pancakes I've featured in the picture above. For those persons who like the gluten free life...this product is it!! If you're abroad...check your international food section and see if you can find a product like this! Cassava and coconut are plant based starches that when processed, create a paste that is the same taste and consistency as flour. I look forward to testing these out.

Honey: This honey is new. Again...the certain anonymous person in the household also attempted to raise bees in our We actually used to get our own honey from the backyard when the bees were thriving. Since that project didn't manifest as desired...we get different types of honey flowing into the house from different farms across the island. If you can't join buy products I guess:) It's fun to see though.

Barbeque Sauce: I don't know where to start with this song. There's a certain commercial that comes to mind...with a choir singing..."Barbeque Sauce...BARBEQUE SAUCE!!" This one honey...has tamarinds in it!! When I saw this...I thought it was the most GENIUS thing ever. Tamarinds are fruits that are simultaneously sweet and savory. They are the perfect addition to the barbeque sauce as an additional spicy touch. Congrats to the person who dreamed this up. I'm not a food chemist...I'm actually more an organic chemist who vered towards things like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals...but I'm pretty sure the person who came up with this creation...must have studied food chemistry. The product isn't something that you'd just randomly dream up! Can't wait to try this!!


Palm trees are blooming everywhere. While I was walking yesterday morning, I decided to take pictures of people's gardens (from the outside...guard dogs be crazy in the streets). As you all know, while I walk...I actually visualize, so I did take the time to take pictures of the plants that I was loving as I was walking. Palms have two types of buds, the red and green types. They are ideal for a tropical themed Christmas, so I feel like in the new week, I can do a DIY with both dry and fresh palm elements, since our palms are also doing pretty much the same thing!!

Being on a budget does force you to be creative, so I tend to just use what's around me. We have a pine tree, we have holly, so once the berries are full, I'll cut them and then attempt to make a wreath with the different elements. Interestingly, I love watching people prep for Christmas. It doesn't snow in Jamaica...but with the elements we have...I've seen people decorate their palm trees instead of setting up a traditional Christmas tree. See below for what the plaza did:

Mall and Tropical Plaza in Kingston, is one of the best decorated public places in the city. Every Christmas they spruice up the place. Even if you don't decorate your thing that you and your family can do at Christmas time is actually take in the lights. There are more than one celebrate the season.

Just being around the energy of people who celebrate the season, will place you in a good mood. Walking around the plaza, the trees were jazzed up like Exhibit A to the right here. The trunk of the tree was lined with alternating stripes of red and green cloth. At each interface, if you take the time to view, you'll actually see that the lights were carefully aligned. Once they are lit, you'll see a beautiful array of lights!!

I have decorated palm trees in the past. What I did...was take white lights and string the tree trunk, much like they are doing, and then...I took green pepper lights and strung the leaves. At'll see the full silhouette of the palm tree, and it's the most beautiful array. I absolutely love it!!

The final image is a view from my walk. I live on a random hill in Kingston, and in the morning when the sun is out...I take the time to simply enjoy my surroundings. For the most around 6 30 am in the morning most people are still getting ready for work, so the roads are very quiet. Since I have the time now...I've been doing things like going off my beaten track, and going on roads that I don't normally explore. When I did that...I ended up atop a segment of the hill that gave me the most beautiful view of Kingston.

For the record...that house with the pool in the top middle of the everything. In all of the things that I literally pinpoint which house would be New Year's Party worthy!! I'm planning for my future...and I love to have fun!!

Life is good...all is well! I'm still the dream. I still clap...after every Dollar Tree haul:) You need that one thing in life...that gives you joy!! I will talk to you peeps on Friday!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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