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Natural Home Elements - Decor Enhancers

Welcome back to the blog!!

I hope the new day finds you well. I haven't written an article in a week...and no...I didn't ghost the site...I'd posted an update on Instagram that I was "away" on a work related project. Sometimes...I take a break from social media activities in order to focus on work. There are just those instances in life where we need to fully focus. I will never claim to be the woman who can do it all at once. Divide and conquer we must!! mind works in dual dimensions...and I started the above project while I was working. I'm always thinking ahead...and planning the next step!! Last week, I went into town to prepare for a meeting, and spent a few hours at Emancipation Park.

The park itself, is actually full of trees...and one tree that is bearing is the calabash tree. I've gone ahead and posted a Lifestyle Minute video on The Calabash Tree. There are actually many different varieties of the tree, and I just happened to find one at the park. There is a bigger variety on the UWI Mona Campus, and I'll make an effort next time I visit the site, to ensure that I pick one of those larger calabashes and prepare it, much like I'm showing you above. Calabashes are good for:

1) Natural decoration on spaces like your living room side tables

2) Natural jewelry boxes. The image above shows you that the top half already has its built in handle, and all you have to simply prepare the fruit and let it dry before use. If you have things like beaded jewellry, you can always use natural elements like these as cases for delivery or to house them.

3) Candle holders

The calabash itself is a round gourd that has a hard outer shell. I took the time to ask my gardener to saw the calabash in half. Once that process was completed, I took the time to actually use a scoop to remove the inner flesh and just have the fresh shell available to dry. I have had the shell on my balcony for the past three days, and the above is the result.

When you cut the shell initially, and remove the flesh, the exterior surfaces are fresh and green, and the internal surfaces are nice and white. The calabash itself has a nice aromatic scent, and it just scents a I'd highly advise that if you were drying the fruit...that you have it in a nice, well ventilated space. For those with sensitive noses, the scent is very sweet, and can overwhelm, so let the plant completely dry outside, or on an open space like a verandah, where fresh air can diffuse it. Once completely dry, you can then place it inside along with your favorite trinkets.

At this point in time, I'm watching my calabash start to cure, and interestingly it is turning a nice rich deep brown on the interior, and from green to a nice earthy brown on the exterior surface. Once completed, I'll show you how I use the calabash to house my jewellry. Below is the second variety of calabash. I'll get this the new week!! These are all free in the world. When I was living in Cleveland...I'd collect pine cones in Wade Park. When I was younger...I'd collect shells and stones!!

Natural Chopping Board

Another natural element I love to collect, is a chopping board. The story of this chopping board is interesting. One of the former consultants on the plant, taught me, a millennial who only drives on main roads and to take scenic route home from the plant. I worked in Clarendon, and lived in Kingston. The straight route to work...was to take the North Coast Highway...while the scenic route was to take the May Pen Roundabout, and just drive straight through Old Harbour, Spanish Town and then flow into Kingston. As you drive on that route...there are nooks where artists sell natural art and chopping boards, re-purposed from trees that were cut for carvings.

I remember buying the above chopping board for about JMD $500.00 and using it as a base for one of my gift basket creations. I added spices, nutmeg and cooking essentials, and wrapped the gift in appropriate gift wrap. For the member of the household who loves to cook, the gift was well appreciated!!

In the household, there are plenty of items such as these...and I'll take the time to document them in a longer YouTube video that will be more comprehensive! When I can't make a long video...I do my Lifestyle minute clips...which actually serve their purpose. If I can't spend an hour to least...I can take a minute!!

I love you for reading!!


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