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New Beginnings

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Happy New You!

I hope that the January month finds you in the best of spirits. Yours truly is here experiencing a re-birth. It's quite a refreshing experience. Essentially, what I decided to do...was to take a step back, reassess my life and determine the best path for myself going forward. My one year leave of absence is slowly coming to an end...and the path forward is opening up for me to pursue. Life is cyclic, and once you know which phase you're're either in the process of sowing or reaping. Since this is January...I am now sowing seeds for September. Using the various dream manifestation best practices, I've been visualizing the life I want...and allowing it to come true. I am only allowing myself to focus on what I want...and I find myself in a happier frame of mind. Knowing that no one can live for you...and that you can create the life you my driving force in life.

While I wait...I've decided to leave the parental nest...and be independent. I've been at home for exactly one year...and three weeks and will be leaving home soon. Yours truly went on a house hunt and I've identified the places that are suitable for my stage of life. I set an intention for a low commitment, low cost, yet safe housing once I've moved, I'll update you all on that I did...what processes I thought through as I made my decisions. Everything is in alignment with my vision...and just as the sages almost feels like a natural progression. I know that I'm on the right track.

Going with the flow allows me to just be...and I'm enjoying the process of not having to worry about much for the next few months. I'm in a healing process. They say that each year fulfills a I'm allowing myself to fulfill the purpose for 2019. I have plenty of time to meditate, so I'm able to clear my mind and stay grounded and focused. Once the focus is sustained, regardless of all external influences, the dream will manifest. Using all the guidance I can find, I'm allowing myself to be more patient than I've been before.

I've become calm in all aspects of life: career, relationships, and with myself. They say that when you're can wait...and in the peace...everything that you desire will be drawn to you. I'm taking all that advice and trying to embody it. The exciting activities will definitely arrive later in the year...but in the beginning simply warm up and open your mind to receive it.

Have a great year ahead!



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