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No Shame in My Game 2: What I Did on My Staycation

Welcome back! I hope you enjoy the process of making your holiday weekends fun. You either become what you see...or you create what you want. When I was much younger, holiday weekends were a series of family trips. I'll try my best to feature the places that my family and I have travelled to in our adventures, but for now...with pride...I announce that I spent the Good my parents house. Lol. If you guys recall...when I did my wedding series last year (I'll rekindle it later this year) I had mentioned that as much as I will strive for the wedding of my dreams...if push came to shove...I'd rather get married in my backyard...than to get married at the place where the civil services are held. I'm sure many would A couple pepper lights on the mango tree...and we're good to go!!! We could even have the ceremony on the front lawn. Knocking on every piece of The bigger vacation is later down in the year. For this reason...I don't mind simulating it for free. In fact...I'll be back once per month. I don't think I need an excuse to go spend time with the family...but at the same time...I make a production of the process.

Usually, when I arrive home...I head to two places...the kitchen, and then my room. I arrived here on the Thursday afternoon circa 2 pm. I had some work that I was I spent the afternoon on the computer uploading the students grades...before finally falling asleep at a whopping...7 pm. Yes!!! She was tired. It was almost like the release of a burden. I slept the sleep of queens. The I've in the middle of "nowhere" (sarcasm). We have neighbors don't's just that the regular civilian luxuries such as public transport don't reach these parts. You need an SUV or a really healthy sedan.

So any way...I slept the sleep of queens, woke up...and had breakfast and headed outside. In terms of my adventures...I pretty much do the same thing. I talked to my family members across the day of course...but I spent most of the time...outside under the mango tree. Here's the video experience...after I'd finished. For those individuals who would prefer to have the written version here's how it happened.

6 am: I woke up...and watched the sunrise. Yours truly isn't an early riser to all that...but I decided to do that since I haven't been here in a while. I went downstairs...turned on the water heater (it's cold in these parts before the sun rises) and went on the balcony. While I was waiting for the water to warm, I then decided that I wanted to meditate. Yes...I have resumed my practice!

7 am: I showered and put on my maxi dress. You'll be able to see the outfit in the video above. Additionally, I forgot my sunscreen but braved the sun any way. After living in England for two's always welcome.

8 am: Yours truly ended up writing yesterday's blog article. I allowed myself to prepare general content on the topics that I was about to indulge in. So yes...I wrote the staycation article while at the house...and then headed out to actually enjoy my staycation.

9 am: I went on the balcony and allowed myself to listen to a motivational YouTube video for an hour. I was actually just waiting for the kitchen to be

10 am: Breakfast of Champions!!! Coffee for my beverage. Breakfast: Breadfruit, seasoned vegetables, fish fillet that was left over from dinner and some cassava.

11am: I went outside to actually spend the day. I literally camp outside. I carry my pillow, my book, my shades, my drink and simply allow myself to enjoy the experience of being outside. I find a nook where it's sunny yet secluded, and allow myself to just nest there for about five hours or so.

At 5 pm...I went inside and recorded the above video, after which I simply had dinner, edited and then called a friend of mine who I used to literally call every week. Things changed when I moved to Cleveland for many reasons and I'd lost touch. So in the moments of peace...I dedided to reach out and have a conversation. That conversation lasted a good hour and a forty By the time we finished it was around twenty to ten, so I went to bed.

Again...the sleep of queens since it's quiet up here. The book that I read was Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker. It was pretty much the tale of my current condition. As my business is expanding, I'm working on ensuring that I'm mentally prepared for the changes. I woke up at hopefully you guys get a chance to enjoy the day to day of living. My modus operandi right to live a life of peace. I'm just living below my means...growing my wealth....but not depriving myself of fun. Enjoy yourselves this weekend! Heading back to the house!!


**Dr T**

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