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No Shame in Your Game: The Staycation Vibes

Whenever you read this blog article, I hope the day finds you well. Yours truly has decided to take a few days off...and spend at the parental nest. As I take the time to restore my life, the most important thing to do in life is to take the time to rest and recharge. Home is a haven, but we don't want life to be too easy because we'll stagnate under too much comfort. As David Goggins once said..."You can't get living in Beverly Hills." This is the story of my life. On the flip side, you can't allow yourself to suffer either, so I went home to relax. This is my version of the staycation. Essentially, my mantra is about constantly changing your environment so that life has variety. The beauty about my that I don't have to pretend here. In the world...there's always that seeming to need to prove stature and status...but at home...I literally just do what I want. It's an amazing feel to be in an environment where you're liberated and not judged.

With the pressures that exist in the world, I highly recommend that you take staycations, in between your vacations. Many people get worn down by the stresses of life, and eventually become bitter. With my mediums, ForeverLuxury, you can rest assured that we will always be about the win, always be about that good life! Here are a few suggestions for places that you can staycation in 2019. As each year progresses, I hope you'll take the journey with me and evolve to bigger and better scenes. My top two staycation locations are:

1) Home: Yes...I know this is the most obvious place on planet Earth...but you can take a staycation and stay at home. What I mean, is that you create an event out of that occurrence. If your home is serene can create a weekend getaway for few dollars, and allow yourself to luxuriate...without the hassle of having to go too far. Your home is your castle so every now and then, suspend the day to day...and create...a retreat. For example, if you have a long holiday weekend ahead, one thing that you can do is create a series of events that you and your family can participate in. For you and your significant other, you can do things like arrange a couple's massage one night, or finally run the jacuzzi, drink some wine and then relax for a few hours on the Saturday night. If you have a pool, now would be the time for you and your family to have a weekend barbecue, or brunch. Take the time to shop for some higher end products to make extra special meals, and then allow yourself to have a fabulous time event planning a "Just Because" day in your home. You don't need an excuse to be fabulous. Every day is enough.

2) Villa: With the advent of AirBNB, no one on planet Earth should be saying that they can't afford to go on vacation. With rates as low as low, even you and your family can afford to spend $45 a night somewhere. They say that in life you must not watch others live luxuriously and envy, but allow yourself to figure out what they do and simply allow yourself to enjoy the finer things in life. As you guys know, I've been researching places to stay, and every week...I've been purchasing items for my week long vacation in June. Once a week, I purchase a dress. Yesterday, I bought a maxi that makes two long dresses in my collection, and two short dresses. I need one more white dress to complete the ensemble. The aim is to feel bright and cheerful, so I'm currently purchasing colors such as oranges and and bright greens. I'm writing this blog article from my room and in the process, I managed to find the other half of one of my bikinis. I still have to get another one since I'll be away for a few days, but it's almost like life was saying..."Yes...I think it's time!" Next mission is to find my snorkels...but I can leave that till the next trip.

Taking time off to simply key to a healthy and happy life. What are you doing today to ensure that you remind yourself of your worth? Work to live...

Have a good weekend!!


**Dr T**

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