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One For the Road: Creating The Perfect RoadTrip Soundtrack

Welcome back to the blog!!

I don't know if it's just me...but once the summer comes around, I do get inspired!!! The weather is nice, and I'm just in a more mellow mood. As a Leo, I was one of those fortunate few whose birthday was in the August summer holidays right before the school term began, so I've always had a ball in the summer. Childhood was well lived...and as an adult, I allow myself to live my best life.

One of the things that makes life interesting is music!! Imagine a day where it's just silence. It's unfathomable. As far as I recall, I have always had music playing around me. My family was the type of family that put the radio on as we came home from school, and immediately it was jazz...and relaxation. Yours truly feels like I was born for the luxe life. I could certainly live a life where I wake up every day...and there's spa music to greet me! In reality however...I do believe that depending on the mood...every type of music has its place. I did mention to you all once...that when I sit down to write these blog articles...I literally have a Nu Meditation Music track playing...with some healing Reiki Music so that I can center myself to deliver good content to you all. Essentially, if you've lost your need a moment to just allow yourself to BE!!! It happens to the best of us. The beauty of knowing when you've lost your balance so that you take the action to restore it.

Yours truly has started upgrading my vacation activities, and as a result there are certain changes that I have been experiencing as I go on my travels. The first change in the last staycation was the fact that I'm now driving about. It's a liberating feeling, especially once you're either a) in the hills b) on the open road. You either have the options to listen to the trees or create an ambience. Interestingly, when I had Ruby...I had my tracks laid to ensure that what I listened to...was what I wanted to listen to. No commercials...just pure music. I used to map out what tracks I wanted to listen to on my way to work. As some of you may recall...there was a point where I didn't like my job...and I'd literally have Rihanna's "Work" on I finished affirming all good things (it literally took me an hour to prime myself to get to work...that's when I knew I needed to change) and by the time I'd showered and gotten dressed...and entered my car...that song would motivate me to just give my best at work.

There is a power in music...that one can't deny. So this summer, likewise, once I step into my rental...I have to create that ambience of Summer. I have been listening to the Chris Brown Indigo Album, and it is honestly a great work of art. It's a fusion of everything from smooth that music that gets you lit...and makes you want to leave your house and find the nearest club. Between his album and Future's The Wizrd Album...I do believe that anyone would feel hype enough to feel like they're on top of the world.

I am happy in life now...because I've managed to engineer the day to keep my mood elevated. The YouTube environment actually lifts me. Yours truly does the following...and I'm sure I'm not the only woman on Earth who does this (lolololol:

1) I Clean with a "Clean With Me" video on. I started doing seriously this about a month ago. Growing up as I did with helpers, I didn't believe that cleaning was something that I'd actually enjoy as a millennial woman. That was until I saw a video by the OG's of cleaning: "How Jen Does It/The Unfrumpy Mommy Life/ At Home With Nikki). I can't thank that trio enough...because all of a sudden yours truly was walking up and down the supermarket ready to find the Fabuloso and mop the house to jazz music, zone clean and organize my pantry. All you need is a little inspiration in life!! At this point...lavender disinfectant is

2) If I need motivation...I'll put on Impact Quotes, or find one of those gym videos that tells you to push through the pain and be grateful for what you've got!!! Push through the pain.

3) Work to albums on YouTube. Every album on the planet is lately I've actually started doing things like putting on the Beyonce's Year of 4 album, or any album I can think of...Brandy's Never Say really just depends. What this transport me from the present a time where there were absolutely no worries. I'm sure I'm not the only one who spent the Sunday washing dishes after Sunday the album of the day. I literally used to sing along to Celine Dion and Brandy.

On that vein...I'm doing the same thing when I'm on vacation. You need to induce the state that you need for the occasion. The following is just a list of the tracks that I'm loving now. Feel free to get creative and design your own albums for life...and for the road. You'll find yourself more mellow....and the little things won't bother you any more.

1) Chris Brown Indigo

2) Chris Brown Emerald/Burgandy ( the last two minutes of this song are should have a song by itself)

3) Chris Brown BP/No Judgement ( if you had one song on Earth to play in your radio for one entire day...this would be it for the summer of 2019)

4) Future - F&N

5)Future and Travis Scott - First Off (the beat of sick!!)

6) Khalid - OTW - I still feel like this song is a summer banger!! This was my favorite last summer.

7) Meek Mill and Ella Mai - 24/7

8) Ella Mai - Boo'd Up ('s still hot to

9) Saweetie - That's My Type (the run to the club track!!! Parental Advisory is

10) Offset and Cardi - B - Clout

This list isn't exhaustive...but the random setting, I'm sure with just a few tracks you'll be able to build a club in the car. Road trips are meant to be enjoyed so create the a vibe and enjoy the life that you were given!! Laters...I need to exercise. The beach body doesn't build itself!!

Enjoy the summer!!


**Dr T**

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