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Optimizing Your Time: Planning For Change

"It is TIME!!" - Rafiki

Welcome back to the blog!!

As a millennial, I honestly confess that there are various aspects of my existence that I can attribute to sources such as Disney, ESPN, and Nickelodeon. I developed an active imagination and it keeps me going to this day. My childhood was full of activity, and sports was one as you saw in the previous article. My sports and dance activities are what inspire my current fitness journey as an adult. As much as I was a swimmer, I was an avid basketball fan, and I send my condolences to the family of Kobe Bryant at this time. I was in shock and disbelief for a good hour. As an athlete myself, I admired his focus and physical abilities. He trained very hard to stay on top of his game. As a professional, I took the time to watch a few of his interviews and learned from him in terms of how he maintained composure under pressure, and how to dissect your mistakes and fix errors. Regardless of profession, this is always a good skill to have.

Change is something that is always to be prepared for. I actually return to work this week as a consultant. The moment had to come, so I ensured that I was taking the action to ensure that I was ready. As a start:


As a professional (and future wife and mom...I keep affirming) I'm learning that it is important for me to ensure that I take care of myself regardless of what is happening around me. When I was working on my own free schedule, I would randomly wash my hair on a Tuesday, Thursday, and whichever day I felt like it. As I realized that I was returning to work this week...I trained and scheduled myself to resort to Sunday as the day that I washed, and styled my hair for the ENTIRE week ahead.

From a productivity perspective, if you have one less thing to think about, you'll accomplish a lot more. With my hair done, I won't have to be worrying about one aspect of life, which would free me to tackle the needs of my clients, the needs of my business and the needs of my family. For this week, I'm wearing a high bun, with a 30 mix bundle to protect my hair ends as I'm undergoing a hair growth journey. For those who are in the process of growing their hair after occurrences such as post partum shedding, alopecia or even a big chop...protective styling is the way to go. Once you nourish your hair, protect it and let it will thrive.

Since I'm an Operations Manager, one of my key focuses in optimizing any process (including my hair care) time. Here is the breakdown of this week's high bun style:

Time to style: One hour exactly (half an hour to wash, half an hour to style)

Step 1: Wash hair with your favorite clarifying shampoo. I'm still loving Ashley's Blueberry Shampoo

Step 2: My hair type is a 4C and I work with conditioner as my leave-in. Working with Ashley's Blueberry Conditioner, I applied a thick enough layer that enabled my hair to softly curl and be twisted. I'm not a fan of gels, and I pretty much only use conditioner to style. You just use what works for you. With the conditioner fully saturating your hair it is time to style.

Step 3: Part your hair into two from ear to ear. As you can see from the above image, I flat twisted the front of my hair, so that it would enable the roots, and my edges to be protected, without me not putting too much tension on the front of my hair since I'm wearing my hair pulled back.

Step 3: Combine the hair from the two sections, and create a bun with the loose sections of hair. This will form the base of the bigger bun.

Step 4: Applying a 30 mix Kanekolon bundle (you can use any color you want. I'm a Leo...and tend to go for a splash of color due to my personality. I even go blonde when I'm ready. If you're less bold, you can simply work with a 1B bundle that will match your hair color.) Anchor the bundle securely. I anchor the bundle both to my bun, and to the peripharies of my hair with bobby pins.


With respect to staying organized, I still utilize my card system. 2020 as a year is already planned out for me. They say that if you plan your life in five year segments or even ten year segments, you'll be a happier, more focused person. I have planned my decade thankfully, and allow myself to live intentionally.

From the above image, you'll see that for 2020 I do have four focuses:

1) Life goals - These include the personal accomplishments that I'm expecting to accomplish. I place my fitness goals in this aspect of life. With the fact that we're living longer, I find it important to be on top of your health, so that you can accomplish the rest of your desires in life whether they be family oriented, or career oriented.

2) Travel goals - I set goals to take micro vacations and then grander vacations as the year progresses. You guys see the progression, and know that once per week, I explore my city, and allow myself to see it both from the perspective of a resident and as a tourist.

3) Personal Growth Goals: I am a huge advocate for personal growth. I take the time to do things like learn how to meditate, learn how to be a better blogger and Youtuber and how to be a better communicator. These help me as a person, and allow me to confidently face each day as it comes.

4) Career Goals: As a Chemical Engineer and Industrial Consultant, there are certain aspects of my field that interest me. As an entrepreneur, there are certain aspects of my business that I'm aiming to grow and diversify. Taking the time to tackle both of these across the year is what keeps me motivated. Having goals makes me a better, more content woman and I feel valuable to the society.


Are you feeling more organized this week? What is one aspect of your life, where you can take more time to ensure that you're sticking to a schedule, and feel more accomplished once you've done it? With goals, you'll be more confident and calmer.

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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