• Tandose Sambo

Out of Office Till December 1, 2020: A Time For Planting

Welcome back to my millennial blog,

A great sage said..."Fall is a time to Harvest, but it's also a time to start planting new seeds for the months and years to come." I've decided to pause my social media activities for about a month or so, in order to work on a few growth related projects.

2020 is a great year if you make it so. My life trajectory has changed. I'm much calmer, and have found a good and happy flow.

All the excitement surfaces closer to Christmas, so I feel like right now is the perfect time for me to pause...and then get back to fun once the holidays arrive.

Until I return:

1) Make sure you're working out three times per week, and drinking plenty of water. Health is your wealth, and interestingly the one thing people can't do for make you healthy. You have to be the one who takes the initiative and takes care of yourself.

2) Ensure that you have a grand dream to work towards. It'll be the source of your joy in a world that can attempt to make you forget who you are. Challenges make us grow and keep us happy. The one thing the brain recognizes daily, is the progress that you are making in life.

3) Keep up with your self care routine. The first sign of good mental health, is that desire to take good care of yourself. Once your cup is full, you can give to the rest of the world that's around you. You are responsible for your happiness, and you are responsible for your destiny.

I love you for reading!!!


**Dr T**


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