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Owning Your Time

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Happy Days!!!

My landlady is in Atlanta till August!! I now call myself...a free bird for the rest of my life. I am planning to leave before she returns as I've revealed. I have three in terms of general home maintenance, yours truly is only responsible for my suite. The rest of the house is maintained by our helper Faye. Faye is here on Tuesdays, as well as the gardener Rasta, so I'm not really alone. For six days...yours truly simply flows. Don't worry, I'm safe, there's an alarm system on the house, so I simply arm it before bed, and disarm it when I wake up. It's a simple life. Apparently the security company also visits once per week as well just to all really is well. One of the things that I've been allowing myself to allow life to just be alright. It's okay to live drama free.

What I need for the next few months of my PhD journey, is exactly what I have now...which is total peace. I usually solve all my problems in silence. I wake up at 5 am and meditate. Since I'm writing this article on a of the principles that I've been applying to my life is journalling. I'm a true Leo. When I'm out in public, I'm always in the spotlight..but when I'm at home...I'm pretty much hibernating and planning the next step. We can't always be going at one hundred miles per hour. There's a point in the day, or week, where you simply allow yourself to slow down.

At present, I do this twice per day. I wake up at 5 am and between 5 am and 6 am for the past week, I've been meditating. I use the same track by Nu Meditation music in order to anchor my mind. By 6 am...I'm ready to be active, so I play my morning motivational tracks at that point. I literally prime myself to move forward and accomplish something for the day. Still sitting in bed...I will listen to two of those half an hour motivational videos that prime me. Once I'm's straight to the shower.

I'm a firm believer in looking good and feeling good. I wear mostly dresses now that I'm free flowing as I mentioned, so I take the time to lay the clothes on the bed, and then get ready for the day. While I'm in the shower I play more motivational videos. You can imagine that by the time I'm done, I'm feeling pretty happy and ready for the day. I focus on what I'm doing for the day and simply allow myself to do it.

In terms of accomplishments, I'm finding that as I underachieve, progress really is being made. Without that pressure feel to like I have to accomplish great things...I focus on the hour ahead and simply accomplish the task. As the hour passes, I then focus on the next task. and the next task, and before I know's lunch time. Because I meal prep...lunch time is a breeze.

Post lunch...I work till 7 pm...then have dinner or a light snack if I feel hungry. As a reward, I relax in the evenings by watching either a Hallmark movie, or motivational YouTube videos. Around 9 pm, I relax into my evening routine and repeat my evening meditation, and unwind. I do other things of course...but this is the general flow.

Without having the external distractions, I really find that I get stuff done. In industry, we had daily and quarterly targets. If you exceeded the targets, there would be rewards in the form of bonuses, so I do the same thing for my life. My reward for the week was my purse. Now that I'm currently in a mode where I'm restoring my professional life, I've suspended the school bag, and am using my handbags, suspended the jeans and wearing my skirts and dresses.

It's a beautiful and simple life. The blog allows me to journal the experience somewhat. As the new transition takes place...hopefully you guys are achieving your objectives. I've accomplished all my 2019 objectives so I wish you all the best in living intentionally.


**Dr T**

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