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Painless Expenditure: The Beautifully Organized Money Pot Fruits

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Nature Blossom Body Set

Welcome back to the blog!!

I hope the day finds you well! If you're new to the blog...welcome!! It's always good to find people who share a similar spirit to me. This blog is all about the feel, fashion, lifestyle and travel!! Since we're currently in the process of spending more time in our homes...I thought it would be a good idea for talk about ways to have a good weekend. This weekend, interestingly is Mother's Day weekend. As a millennial, I work really hard to ensure that I'm not disowned. There's a point (past 25 or so) where we honestly start to feel like we raised ourselves (at least my Leo self started thinking like this when I decided to move to but the truth of the matter is that there were at least two people assigned to us on this planet to ensure that fulfilled our potential. I have a lot to be thankful for, and hopefully you do too!


For the OG's to the'll know that I started a series on Instagram called Tandy's Money Pot back in January. The series all started, when I decided to make a calabash into a piggy bank. Over time, I challenged myself to place all my loose change in in there and after about four months accumulated about $20.00 worth of both bills and coins. On average...I was dropping in about $1.00 per week just for fun...and to keep my purse light of coins. Today's purchases are courtesy of the money pot stash. I didn't have to do anything extra to get these things and thankfully they were just in time for Mother's Day.


Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Nature Blossom Body Set

For the past few years (since I had about eleven people to shop for every Christmas), I learned to be creative with my money. I was fortunate enough to have a group of about seven friends that I spent many years with. Sleepovers, weddings, baby showers...the evolution continues into our adulthood. It was during this evolution, when I discovered that my money was limited, that I decided to start making my own gift baskets. I've been doing this ever since.

My gift basket elements:

1) Wines (if you're on a budget...go non-alcoholic.) You can get a bottle for a couple bucks and it looks just like any bougie wine. You can always bling it out! Get creative people!

2) Peanuts (you can always get mixes with fruits and raisins) You can do things like buy them in bulk and then place them in small mason jars, or even in candy bags and tie a bow on them.

3) Body Sets (since I'm building a basket, I even the cost of the items. Body Secrets is a brand I found in Woolworth's that I'm able to source for about $3.00 per piece. At this rate, you can get the body wash and the lotion, and also the matching body splash for about $12.00)

4) Chocolate. You can get the packs of Ferrero Rocher for about $1.00 for three.

For this weekend, I've gone ahead and put together a gift basket with the Nature Blossom body wash and lotion from Body Secrets. This should at least keep me in the safe zone for about a


Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Brown Vanilla Body Lotion

I personally don't believe in self-sacrifice. Am I the only one...who goes out to buy presents for people, and then ends up getting at least one present for themselves so they don't feel left out of the I'm still challenging myself to get a new lotion every month in the name of self care! I managed to get myself this Body Secrets Brown Vanilla lotion. The colour accents for my channel are gold (with hints of rose gold and the occasional pop of coral) I always look for products that have hints of ensure that they fit with the aesthetic of my channels. I want you all to be able to recognize me in a


Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Delicate Rose Body Splash

This is my current body splash. For the life of me...I'm on the hunt for the matching lotion. I actually have a dress that matches this body splash!! I like to have sets of things, just so the aesthetic is fulfilled. Even with my face products, everything just happens to be from the same line. I use the same line for the facewash, the face gel and the face mask. I feel like the synched formulas are the way to go. It also looks more uniform in the presentation. I've started taking my aesthetic very It keeps my mind sane when things match.

This delicate rose body splash needs its lotion partner. I'd seen it in Monarch Pharmacy a week ago, but somehow when I went in today...the Mother's Day shoppers seem to have depleted the stocks. I'm hoping that the Liguanea brand of Monarch will have the lotion. You know how it is when you're on the hunt for something. I want these two for my vanity. I just love the packaging of this. Really pretty and well presented. Once I find the lotion, I'll pack these two away for my apartment. I've started building items for my vanity. It always helps for you to ensure that you start preparing for the next steps. Next Wednesday...I'll pray to Jesus that I find the twin to the Delicate Rose body splash!! Pray for me!! I'm going up to Sovereign...just for this.

As a millennial, I honestly assure you that as much as I will get up...serve my clients with the best in my consulting services...when I reach home...all in my the road!!


Luxury Fashion On A Dime
Red Party Dress

When I went into Ammar's today...I was personally on the hunt for what felt like the ideal dress for spring. You know...the floral really pretty and floaty outfits. I wanted something effortless. I assure you that I did find the dress that I was looking for! I picked it up...was on the way to the dressing room...when I saw this club banger on the shelf. The initial plan was pretty much thrown out the window. I went ahead and tried this on. Admittedly...on my Down Town excursions...I can get about...nine of these for the Ammar's price.

This was the classic case...of look...admire...and buy elsewhere!! In the new week...I'll do a designer inspired haul from Ammar's. This dress was giving me all sorts of Versace vibes!! It's definitely one of those...expensive looking yet affordable items. I'm going to do an Instastory series next week on designer inspired items in the department stores. I've been seeing the following items:

a) Burberry inspired handbags

b) Louis Vuitton inspired handbags

c) Bottega Veneta inspired handbags

d) The black and coral versions of this club dress. Depending on the can really get away with savings on certain items. I spend money on perfumes at the moment. For items like clothing...I will bargain hunt to the ground honey!! I love this!! Very Versace!!

e) Work Tops in the Versace inspired print.

f) Versace inspired print in the head band. We need to give this hair some versatility. I'm going in!!

Eventually...we'll be able to return to the club!! Till then...I'll be watching a few of my favorite vlogs on Spring Breaks!!

I love you for watching!!


**Dr T**

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