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Pamper Day: Himalayan Pink Salt Bath

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Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.     

Leonardo da Vinci

After twelve weeks of a hectic schedule, the past four weeks have been somewhat of a interesting escape from the world. Not from reality because I know that in the days to come I'll have responsibilities to tackle, but my life is on a much easier pace. I haven't been sleeping that well, despite the fact that I have my own space. This led me to the conclusion that there's a lot on my mind. Part anticipation, part release. Anticipation of the future, since I'm still waiting on my life to create a new solid next step, and release of the energy of the space that I worked in for the past six months.

For those of us who have worked long enough, you discover that there are work stresses which you discover on the job. Egos of individuals, the upward climb etc. Sometimes all that energy rubs off on you...and it's important to ensure that you are allowing yourself to release it. There were some work stresses which I had written about previously, so I've been taking the few months to heal before I start in a new environment. They say that you mustn't carry old energy with you.

In my quest for release, I've started having weekly half an hour soaks on a Wednesday night. Wednesday is the day that I do my supermarket shopping, and get to walk around the shops of May Pen, so from that frame, by the time the evening comes...I'm a little more tired than the other days when I'm simply at home. I walk the half an hour into May Pen, and then walk the half an hour back with the groceries and other items I may have purchased for the day.

In the evening, I've started using the following modified recipe from Home Grown and Healthy:


1 Cup Himalayan Salt (normal bath) -or- 1-2 lbs (about 2-4 cups) Himalayan Salt

(STRONG bath)1 Gallon of cool water with ice and lemon (lemon aids detoxification)

Bowl of ice water and wash cloth (optional, for hot baths)

3-4 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil or oil of choice (optional)


1) Shower and wash thoroughly before taking a detox bath.

2) Fill your tub with water that is about 98-100 degrees, just at or slightly above body temperature. This allows for maximum absorption and will also make you sweat. If you prefer hot baths, then enjoy it hot. You'll still experience an effective detox.

3) Dissolve Himalayan salts in the tub as it's filling. If your salts are chunky, you may need to let them sit overnight in a large pot of water to fully dissolve. If using essential oils, add them to the running water as your tub fills.

4) Soak in the tub for as long as feels comfortable, 40 minutes is generally recommended.

This formula is what I have been applying for this week. If you don't have Himalayan Pink Salt, then you can actually use Epsom Salts, or Baking Soda, or regular table salt. The healing properties of Himalayan Pink Salt are more potent because it is purer than the other salts. Regardless of what you use, the effects will be similar.

When you look at your body, you'll notice that your skin contains lots of pores. During your soak, you will actually detox your body, via osmosis. When you mix the salts with your water, you create a solution which is more concentrated in salts than in your own body ( inner chemist surfaces every now and then). At this point, due to the principles of diffusion and osmosis, if there are any toxins in your body, they will move from the less concentrated region of your body into the water.

After about half an'll have eliminated some toxins from yourself. From a mental standpoint, you'll have relaxed because the warmth, and the essential oils will raise your vibration. Many times, we are carrying energies that we don't realize. If someone was miserable at work, it could have rubbed off on the act of cleansing away their energy will leave you restored and re-energized.

I've been doing this...for a week now! I feel lighter and more relaxed! Have a relaxing weekend!


**Dr T**

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