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Party Over Here! A Beautifully Organized Normal Day

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Purple Orchids

Welcome back to the blog!!

As I write this article...there's torrential rain (I'm exaggerating) precipitating from the clouds and pouring on to my plants. For those who know what it's like to live the watering the plants every other day's always nice...when nature does it for you...and you get a few days off inside to just chill while she does her thing:) It's amazing the things you start raving over once you pass a particular stage. and the garden a they say here in Jamaica. definitely being made! Essentially, after about three months of being in quarantine, our little project is now bearing fruit literally and figuratively. Owning a garden gives you patience, and not only gives you a positive feedback loop.

On a very normal note...the household had...A PARTY!! Yes...our honourable Prime Minister declared that bars and restaurants can now open. Every year circa this time is my parent's wedding anniversary. We had a gathering of eleven persons, so it wasn't massive based on the current standard, but it was actually just right. This blog article is a day late...due to the fact that:

a) People were coming over. The house had to be spotless! The usual cleaning activities were done in reverse, so that I could deal with downstairs on the day that the guests would then arrive. The guests were coming in for 4 pm, so I woke up at circa 7 am...and cleaned. My dining room cleaning video can be found on my YouTube channel. This is my weekly routine. I'll do an updated one for the summer. Furniture was dusted, the floor was swept and mopped, and I got flowers for the downstairs powder room as per my evolving florist skills!

b) We conversed. The party was a fusion of a virtual party with extended family saying hi to every one who was at the physical party. What would we do without Zoom? Once completed, we had a buffet style dinner. The aim wasn't to be too fussy because we're still...under curfew. We had to feed the people and then send them on their Right now...the curfew ends at 9 we didn't have time for any long events like we're known to It was short and spicy. We discussed politics, the pandemic, the future, the food and life in general. For our household, the day to day cooking is predominantly dealt with by the women in the family. The parties though...we don't touch a pot...we simply prepare the space, the men do the cooking and we enjoy the spoils. I assure you all I did after I cleaned the house...was get dressed and eat!!

c) Liquor was flowing. I'm assuming no one on the blog is under 18, but the bar was stocked with rum, Coke and Pepsi, Aromatic Bitters, Lemon Juice, Ting, Baileys, Champagne, Red Stripe beer and Red Stripe sorrel beer and ice. If you don't like the taste of beer...try the flavored ones. The sweet fruity beers are the ones that I personally drink. I find beers like Heineken too strong for me, but the sorrel beer and even lime beers...are light and not too overwhelming. The drink I enjoyed for the night was:

Rum and Coke

1) In a small glass...add ice to dilute the rum.

2) Add about two to three fingers (you know how it of rum/whiskey. I honestly can't tell the difference between the two.

2) Add about half a teaspoon of lemon juice

3) Add about half a teaspoon of Aromatic Bitters

4) Top up to the brim with your Pepsi or Coke then refill, or change your drink. I couldn't let the Bailey's miss me!!

We had an assortment of finger foods as I mentioned. These included:

a) Beef Kebabs

b) Shrimp boats

c) Plantain Tarts (best way I can describe them. Essentially it was crushed plantains, made into a patty and fried) To add your own toppings like solomon gundy.

d) Two different types of what felt like a meat filled quesadilla

e) Fish fingers

This was about half of what was on the platter. Because I wasn't the chef, I can't remember the other half of the items...but they were pretty comparable and just as tasty.

The anniversary cake was a chocolate chocolate cake by Pastry Passions. We did drink champagne which means Tandy's bottle collection is growing. I have a four bottle backlog!! I promise my subbies that I'll actually continue my Rum Bottle DIY's since you love them so much!! Here's the YouTube update on what I'll be doing with them. Don't worry...she's very organized!! I don't really forget things.

It was honestly refreshing to actually have a party!!! As a partial introvert...I'm every extroverted in the world and retreat into a shell in the house. Because of this, I always partially freak out when people come to the house for a party. It breaks my silence routine. My brain before COVID at every party at the house: "Do I really have to entertain these people? You know long it's going to take me to wash the million dishes after the hundred people are gone?" My brain after COVID: "Oh my God...I haven't been to a party in three months!!! You mean...people are ACTUALLY coming over to the house? I can't believe this! I can't wait to see them!! I can't wait to chat!! I can't wait to...fill in the"

And a time it was indeed!! I feel like COVID has eliminated every ounce of introvert from my being. Apparently...the Carnival Road March is scheduled for October 25, 2020. Praying!!! For those who remember this time...once it ends...I feel like my millennial self won't take anything for granted any more! I will travel! I will see the sights!! I will have a great life!! I'm sure you all probably feel the way I feel.

We all just want to wake up...and have a great day!!

See you next article. I should be all set with my next project! I'm on top of things...

I love you for reading!!


Dr T

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