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Peace of Mind: The Beautifully Organized De-cluttering Process

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Passion Twist With Flower Crown

Welcome back to the blog!!

As the quarantine beat is in full swing...I can honestly attest that I've been enjoying my hair for the month of April. this point...I have a good inch and a half of growth...and it's time for a refresh!! I'm going an ombre-blonde for May!! can't see it in the picture because the roots of my twists...match my natural hair colour. To make this look last one more good week, I've taken the time to do the following:

a) Condition my hair. That spray bottle still comes in handy. I do spray my hair in the mornings and in the nights to ensure that my scalp is maintained.

b) Add some hair grease to the roots to ensure that my scalp is moisturized.

c) Twist the roots, so that the growth is not that noticeable. I also keep my hair in a bun, so that everything remains smooth and tucked away.

5 weeks is the optimal time frame that I'm keeping my hair in for. I've enjoyed the process. For this week's styling look book, I've gone ahead and worn a flower crown, to give me a nice regal effect. I love how it all turned out. I feel so fabulous and fly. If you look good, it trickles over into all aspects of your life. You'll want to be more organized, and actually more productive because you're put together.

Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Passion Twists With Flower Crown


I feel that April was a winning month for me. Every month in the year, I'm actually making an effort to ensure that I'm doing better than the month before. Just like any organization, it's always a good idea to run your life like a corporation. You must make the effort to ensure that you're growing in the direction that you want to head in. Your life is yours to create. You can't blame anyone, if you didn't achieve your own personal objectives. The power and the will to do things is in your own hands.

Essentially, if you're not growing you're either in stagnation, or you're in decline. Waking up every morning and pushing yourself forward is what we all have to do. No one else's life is easier than yours. There are things that everyone did in order to get themselves to the positions that they are in. Compare yourself to no one...for it will definitely take away your joy.

One good practice that I love to do for each month is to actually do a monthly review. During this review, I look at:

a) What I loved in the month before. If it was a win...I'll definitely keep doing it in the months ahead.

b) What I didn't accomplish during the month. If I still have goals to press towards, I keep going. I don't stop because I didn't accomplish them. I figure out what went wrong. It might have been the right idea, but the timing (due to things like the quarantine) may have been wrong. That being the case, I'll simply go through the process of rescheduling the activity. Every delay is not a denial, it's just the Universe lining up for it to be better when it actually does happen. A great sage said this...and I take this to heart. The time for it to manifest will happen if you hold it into your vision.

c) A de-clutter. They say that you can't receive new things if you're holding on to things that don't serve you. Releasing things that you no longer need, will actually create the space for the things that you will actually need. A closed hand, can't receive. An open hand, and an open consciousness definitely will receive good ideas.

A disorganized space is not conducive to creation or inspiration. It is important to keep cleaning, and to also ensure that you keep a clear space about you. Somehow your mind knows two things: clarity, and progress. It sees things that are working and will keep you pulling towards those things in order to ensure that you're growing and evolving.

This past Sunday, after reclining on the balcony for a good three hours, I took the time to clear my desk. The desk had everything imaginable on old lamp, books, old cards, old debit cards, business cards from persons I'd met years ago. I just felt like I wanted a change, and went through the process of getting rid of the items.

By clearing the space, I actually now have a blank slate to work from. I have my inspiration pieces, my journal and other critical things that will ensure that I'm focused.


Barring all unforeseen circumstances such as as the quaratine, re the things that you have in your control:

a) What went right that you intend to keep doing? This could pertain to yourself, your business and even your family life.

b) What went wrong that you want to rectify for the new month. It's okay to acknowledge the mistakes and to ensure that you want to fix them. Do a root cause analysis, fix and progress!!

May will be grand, because you make a good one!! I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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