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Planning a Mid-Year Vacation

Planning a mid-year vacation is a worthwhile investment. As people, we thrive best on variety. Work/School/Daily Life in whatever form it comes...eventually becomes monotonous. Our brains are designed for constant growth and progress and that periodic moment of just what we need to refresh and recharge our beings. Whether it's the beach or the mountains...or somewhere in between like Las Vegas it's always a great idea to have one fun thing to do in the middle of the year in order to keep yourself motivated!

1) Start Visualizing

Decide what type of mid-year vacation you intend to indulge in. If your January to May will be busy, opt for a relaxing week or weekend away in June. Aim for serenity and relaxation so that you return to your daily routine refreshed, yet balanced.The first thing to do is assess whether you want to be close to home and have the experience, or travel abroad. If you're in the UK, you can head to Spain. If you're in Jamaica, Trinidad isn't far away...and carnival is approaching. For closer experiences tap into the amenities that are close to home. In Jamaica...for those Kingstonians who don't want to go too far...less than an hour away is Strawberry Hill (pictured above). Surrounded by attractions such as Hardware'll have access to a hiking trail and a nearby waterfall as well as the hotels attractions. Wherever you are...there always places close to home that you can investigate and look into. Start with a vision and then start researching. This is the first step to actually doing it.

2) Assess your budget

Regardless of your is possible to have a dream vacation. Starting way better than staying home for a weekend. The key is to be in an environment that's new and refreshing to you. Last day on my YouTube channel, I delved into the advent of Airbnb (which is also now ubiquitous) and the impact it's had on niche hotels. Regardless of where you are in the world now...there are affordable options for your vacation. I personally have experienced the spectrum (from the low end villa where you carry your own food, to Ritz level with room service) so I'll delve into either case so that we can all be living the life of our dreams...regardless of budget. It's not the size of the's the quality of the life. In your budget - factor in travel costs (air fare, gas), entertainment (beach or party) and food (all inclusive or self catering).

3) Organize your Wardrobe

Plan in advance what you'll want to be packing for your vacation. I've starting planning my vacation...and once per month...I purchase one item that will go towards the vacation. Whether it's something small like a new pair of sunglasses, sunblock or a bikini...what the process of preparing for the vacation ensure that I'm priming my mind for the occasion. I'm also not rushing at the last minute. I purchased two sundresses last year...which I've kept as my vacation investment pieces. We'll delve into the fashion side later down the line...but I want us to start thinking of what we'll be comfortable wearing for the occasion. If your body needs work...start gymming...or jogging. Right now...summer clothes should be more affordable if you're in the US/Canada/UK. I'm in Jamaica right clothes are almost the same price year round, except for occasions like Fashion's Night Out or the occasional sales. One of my best kept secrets is Brit Bran...which has clearances all the time. In places like that...I find vacation clothing gold. We'll talk about this some more...

Have a great day!!!


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