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Beautifully Organized: How Dreams Become Reality

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Simple Organizational Ideas: Using Flash Cards

Hi Guys,

If you're coming over from my YouTube Channel, pardon my physical absence. My camera decided to act up this week. I'll fix that in about two weeks...when I take a break. What I'm currently allowing myself to establish a flow as I prepare for exams. The exams I'm taking now...I dreamed about taking...about six months this entire endeavor was dreamed up...and then acted on via will. You get what you focus and act on.

Just like all of us...I do have external I used the following simple system to facilitate the manifestation of this current vision. Having a dream that pulls greatness from with one of the keys that I've found to generate genuine happiness. It's the expansion that generates a positive feedback loop...and keeps you motivated as you strive to achieve what you desire. As part of my morning routine...I listen to various motivators. This is what charges me for the day! My favorite Impact Theory...although I've listened to countless motivators.

I can't thank Tom Bilyeu and his team enough for creating a program that has allowed me to become mentally tougher in the pursuit of my life's mission. For the past two and a half years...since I took that leap of faith...I've been tested on many levels...and my life hasn't been a straight line. But something within keeps me going. I'm the classic case of "fall...get up...fix part one...fall...get up...fix part two"...until life once again feels like it has a normal flow. It's more than passion at this's will. What I do now after so many ponder my situation from every angle...and find that when I have a challenge...I know exactly which episode of Impact Theory to watch...because the solution I actually embedded in specific episodes through the experience of someone else. As humans...we're not unique in our the best way to overcome a challenge is to find someone who has been in your own situation...and overcome...and simply model them.

I usually listen to Impact Quotes. Thanks to these daily reminders...I'm currently conscious in my daily ensure that I'm living the life that I envision for myself. I'm sure we all want to live to our full the best way to do this is to create who we feel that inner giant is. Let's jump in and get creating!!! I'm sure we all want 2019 to be one of the best ones yet!!!

In the image above...I created a series of simple flash cards with simple categories. I use these for short term goals. I keep the cards on my desk...and since I see them every day...I'm prodded to act on them. There's a part of me...that likes to see the list as small as possible....and enjoys the thrill of accomplishment. We are it's best to use a plan that makes your vision come alive. First comes...the thought. If you're can create a vision board from magazine clippings and post it in your office, or create a Powerpoint of your vision of yourself. Create different silos for the varying aspects of your life. The key is to have a system that you can view every day in an easy and effortless way. If you already know what want to'll have ideas of what your vision will be. If you don't know what you want to do yet...take the time to ponder...and eventually will find a simple project that you can confidently achieve in the next few months to a year. All you something that you can confidently achieve. The confidence comes from the achievement...and you'll be drawn to bigger projects once the smaller hurdles are accomplished.

Once you have a dream that you see every day...your mind will eventually actually act on it...and find a way for it to come into manifestation. Don't force your dreams...but be aware of them...and as you see them often...eventually you'll start taking action. The two ways that I've found that dreams either the fast way...that requires you pour in excessive effort in a short period of time...or in a very slow and effortless way. Dependent on your'll identify how you want things and find the means that achieves your objective. Whether you move fast or slow...eventually...the momentum will build. All you have to start walking down the road as they say. Whether it's a home renovation project, a YouTube Channel, future family or a vacation...once you put the foundation in and take action...the vision will manifest.

Happy Creating!!!

For this coming Saturday:

1) I scoured the bookshelf so will be reading The Richest Man in Babylon. Leaders are readers!

2) Motivational Tips for achieving goals

Enjoy the week!!



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