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Planning the Perfect Beach Day

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There's a stage in every young professional's life...where there's a need to turn off the world...turn off the office politics (or whatever drama that exists in your world)...turn up your swag...put your shades on...and find a chill spot. Cue this blog's theme song "Coffee" by Squash. 'Champagne...a pop!!"

This song gives me major beach vibes. One of my students is always dancing. It's the cutest thing to If I walk outside of the lab on some days...he'll be at one of the benches in the department, hoodie on, headphones on...and he'd be singing along and dancing to what I figure is something to the effect of what you're currently listening to. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.

They say that your brain is always ahead of your yours truly of late has been in a dancing and vacation mood. The intensity is up!!! Mi feel frass out...aka I'm stressed and tired:) Since I saw the Dancing Dynamites last week...I just feel that need whenever I'm in the release the tension of the semester by dancing as an exercise. Motivation can be hard to come by...but I find that by willing myself to do things...and listen to music as I work...progress is made, even if the progress itself is a slow one. It's easier to be lazy, but once you find the feel better at the end of the task. Progress must be made...even if it's in increments.

In about a week, yours truly will be somewhere near a beach or on the beach. Still making plans. This is a one day it's not a vacation...but I'll recharge. I live for any nature scene. I've decided that it would be a good idea for us to discuss a few key items for the beach. Certain things like sunscreen are personal, so I won't delve into those finer details. When in Jamaica...I'd mentioned that I tend to go to Portland. The other places that are great for the beach include Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay and of course...Negril with the seven miles of white sand beaches. Negril is pretty...but it's furrrr!!! The south coast isn't that popular for the beach...although there's one beach in St Thomas - Lyssons Beach, which is as good as any north coast beach.

When going to the are my top five must haves in order to ensure that the day itself is as desired:

1) A GOOD Soundtrack: Depending on where you'll know what the hottest radio stations are for playing good music. In Jamaica...I tend to listen to either Fame FM. Fire 102 or Zip 103! If you forget to create your own mix...this alternative (or your local pop/hip hop channel ) will suffice. Yours a dancer uses music as a medium to change the mood. I usually have a mix of soca and dancehall. Squash's song is one of the dancehall songs that I'm currently enjoying. I like him, and other artists like Popcaan and Aidonia. On the hip hop side...I mix in everyone from Drake to 2 Chainz. The whole point is to raise the energy level and give yourself a good vibe!! Regular life is use music to change your mood and put you in that right vibe. "Get that dirt off your shoulder"- Jay Z.

2) Games: If you're in a's always good to have some physical activity. Volleyball is the game that comes to mind when I think of a beach scene. If you want water sports, jet skis are always hot. Find a beach near you that provides them (Ocho Rios is good for this...if you're in Jamaica...lots of the hotels on the hotel strip are open to the public and will allow you to use their facilities). If you have your own...more power to you!! if you can.

3) Snorkles: For the swimmers in my reader pool, put your swimming skills to use via exploring your environs with snorkels. Most beaches, if you go far out in the water contain coral reefs, so you can always explore the surroundings. If you can go underwater...challenge yourself to go as deep as 25 ft below the water and see what underwater treasures exist, and what kinds of sea life you can find. Me personally, I love sharks (shout out to Shark Week), so if you are lucky you might see one. Additionally sting rays are always pretty to see out in the water.

4) Good Drinks: On the is affordable, but drinks tend to be more pricey. Have one of your roadies be your bar tender. Carry a bottle of your favorite liquor ( two per car can work for the group), and have someone bring a cooler with ice, and some cups. For those who don't drink, carry something like fruit punch, or a sparkling cider of some sort so you can have the bubbly without the buzz...and also lots of water. Stay hydrated!!

5) Good FOOD Options: Depending on where you are may be prepared. If you're opting to cook your own food the following is always good to have in your picnic basket:

a) Sausages - the really good kind like Chorizo or a Bratwurst. Have them soaking in seasoned barbecue sauce overnight, and grill them on the beach.

b) Hot Dog Rolls

c) Critical Condiments - Ketchup, Mustard, Relish and any other favorites like chopped onions and tomatoes

d) Pre-seasoned Chicken: Keep this and the sausages in a small cooler, and grill on the beach

e) Rolls - The best carbs for the road. As Tamar would say..."Ain't nobody got time..." to cook rice and things like that on the Walk with plenty. Either with...or without raisins.

f) A salad - Pre-make this the night before, so that you can have it chilling in the cooler till you're ready for it.

g) Snacks of your choice- now's a good time...after you worked so hard for your summer body, to indulge. Chips, Nachos and Dip. Sweets and mints are always good to refresh after the meal.

Hopefully you feel the vibes to put on your bikini and trunks and forget the world for a few hours. Life is meant to be matter what you're up to! Enjoy your Sunday!!!


**Dr T**

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