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Happy Thursday!!!

It's Tandy's day off!!! Don't judge today's quote and it's cheesiness. It's valid for today's At this stage...of this week...I literally pull myself through. Wake up circa 7 am...and meditate for an hour...and then start the day. Some interesting things have happened this week...and I thought that now would be a good time to talk about generating positive energy in your life. Home is my what I've started doing is purging myself...the second I return from work. With the schedule I have evening showers are becoming more and more important for the de-stress. I'm ready for some lavender bath salts. Week three of twelve in full swing!!!

Next week...we're going I'll start my first haul for 2019. It's all about the dupes...till I'm settled in my PhD program. We're back to Body Secrets...and I want to try out their Midnight Love line. Lol. It's supposed to be similar to Victoria's Secret Love Spell... (one of my I'm investigating for February/March). What I'm shopping just the general stuff (for those who remember my monthly basket...I'll review again)...but we'll start shopping for my June vacation as well. One item per month is what we discussed prior. Additionally...Tandy's professional shopping gene has been called on. We explained how this manifested a while back. I inherited it...from my aunt. She has the ability to assess any woman and tell them where they should shop....for what...and when to get it. "You darling...are a Top Shop or River Island girl. You're too young to shop at Dorothy Perkins!!! Don't go in there till you're 50!!" A colleague of mine is moving to York, UK in a week...and she literally asked me to help her organize her budget...since I lived in Leeds and Belfast for two years.

My work schedule changed for various reasons this week....and it's the best thing that could have happened to me for this semester. Last semester...I experienced what the majority of us in the world of work experience on a regular basis - I did someone else's job...on top of my own. At some point last week...I rebelled (partly emotional because I was sick) , and my schedule has been adjusted in order to suit my desires. My current schedule is blissful now. I don't really start work till 2 pm on some I just roll with my flow...and deliver my best to the students because I'm not stressed out. The person that I complained one of those people who do nothing...yet still get promoted!!! I'm not delving in the details of my rebellion...but it's almost like everyone knew...and didn't say anything about it. I tend to just talk what's on my mind.

With that in the starting to become a little more FUN since I've purged the negative variables from my existence.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! We'll focus on wellness. I need to start juicing again!

I love you for reading!!!


**Dr T**

P.S. My students keep asking me why I don't become a Professor. You all know...I'm all about that Management Consulting life. I really want to be like that Don Cheadle Character in House of Lies. Lololol. Cue the video for what I really want to do. That's really what I feel like when I go to my corporate clients...lolololol.

Song of the Day: Love Me - Kendric Lamar

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