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Preparing for the Next Phase

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At the time of this writing, yours truly would have completed my semester's activities. The process of release itself is an interesting journey. As a millennial, I am learning the process of life. The beauty about life is that once you understand it, it becomes more of a flow, rather than an uphill battle that you must conquer. Yes, you'll have the moments where you need to push, but while you're doing long as the actions taken were intentional, eventually you'll find yourself on the right path.

As a scientist, I believe that life is a state function and that regardless of the path, you'll end up with the career you were meant to have, you'll end up with the person you're supposed to marry, the house you were meant to live in, the children you were meant to have etc. You just have to trust, and put your heart into all that you pursue.

I'm currently in the process of releasing the past three months, and embracing the future that is to come. Of course, this doesn't happen in an instant. There is a transition phase. This morning is the morning after the semester has ended and in terms of how I feel, it's a mixture of simultaneous relief and anticipation. Relief because I don't need to wake early for the next few months and can flow as I want. I am a creator now and embrace the freedom after having such a strict schedule for the past few months. Anticipation...because my life now a relatively open book. I have a direction, and I'm taking actions. I have intentions that I've set for the next few months, as we discussed at the beginning of the year, and it's just a matter of allowing myself to fulfill them as desired. There will always be a slight tinge of uncertainty in life, but eventually one settles down.

What I'll be doing for the next week, is allowing myself to stick to a rigid meditation practice daily, in order to prime my mind for what is to come, and to clear my mind of the past twelve weeks. As we transition in the world we pick up debris from people, and it is important to restore yourself, once a project is completed. In the world, not every one is happy, even though you personally might be navigating the world like a butterfly and living your dreams. If you recall, there were two supervisors that yours truly didn't quite mesh well with, and I ended up being transferred from their streams...almost miraculously. Encounters like that affect your flow in life. Now that I've left the department space, I've left the animosity that existed between us. In my meditations I focus on healing relationships, and of course wish them the best. The sages say that you carry yourself with you, and what I don't want is to enter my PhD program carrying any traces of bad energy from the past. With a clean slate, one can create the future that is desired. I want to ensure that my future colleagues and I are best of friends, and create amazing work that will impact the world. I'm currently focusing on legacy creation, and want excellence in what I do. I don't chase perfection, because I know that it doesn't exist.

Today, I'm simply allowing myself to flow. I still have a few things to do...but without the time pressure, I am much more relaxed. I'll be writing articles so as I flow through my activities, I simply play some relaxing meditation music, soothe my mind and allow myself to just relax and heal.

As the next quarter begins, I still have objectives to be met, but they're on my own time. It's the most refreshing feeling to just do what you want, when you want. The concept of the flexible schedule works for me. I like the idea of owning my own life, so when I am able to do what I want on my own time, I revel in it. I am disciplined of course, every day has its purpose, but at least now I don't have to wake up at 5 am for a while. I naturally wake up at 7 am, so from that perspective, with my natural rhythms, I'll have better energy across the day.

In the progression, we will continue our dreamscapes.


**Dr T**

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