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Preparing for the Next Steps: Apartment Visualization

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Happy Day,

Pardon the one day delay in the posting of this blog. I was actually on the road sorting out a few things for school. With a little bit more freedom, I am finding that I have the flexibility to do what I want. I'm in an interesting transition phase, and when I wake up and realize that there is a reality to face, at about midday I start taking action. My current sleep cycle is interesting, but I honestly need to disturb it a little bit, and start creating the new routine. Since the new week starts on Sunday, I am going to take the time to ensure that I'm sticking to the routine as of tomorrow. It is crunch time.

In the past few days, we talked about the concept of living out of one's own creation. If you listen to enough motivational persons speak, you realize that people view you out of their own experiences. What I do, is simply wake up and look at my visions and act out of those perspectives. As a millennial, I am not exempt from the matrix. We all have those moments where we're living the lives that we want...and having the time of our lives... and are happy, yet there are persons who are more settled than you, living what Tony Robbins calls the "standard life", is subconsciously wishing you'd live like them and not be having so much fun travelling and vlogging and whatever else these young people do nowadays. As the greats will say..."Do It Anyway!!" It's not going to be easy...but it's going to be worth it!!! Live life while you're young is my mantra!! You'd be surprised to many people wish they had your life. Be grateful for your YOUTH!!

This weekend is the Dream Weekend Event here in Jamaica. Dream Weekend was actually founded in part by one of my former high school mates. With time, as you learn about business, you can create a life for yourself that you'll love. He had come to an entrepreneurship class that I had taken, and spoke about how exactly he went about building this fun business. Dream Weekend is a series of themed all inclusive parties. All you can drink, and the setting is in Negril on a luxe location and beach. It's actually divine.

I've personally never been to Dream Weekend, but I've been to similar events across the year, which I've been enjoying with time.

There are various party seasons across the year in Jamaica. Yes, there are clubs that are open all the time, but for themed parties across the year, with a little research, you can actually learn the party seasons and decide what works best for you. In the spring it's Carnival Time, so there are lots of soca parties, in the summer (at the time of writing of this post) there are plenty of beach parties island wide. During Heroe's Weekend, there are lots of events as well, and those are the ones that I've been to more. The final overall season that I can think of is the Christmas/New Year's Season with a series of celebrations as well. In my opinion, along the life journey, we should enjoy it.

In terms of my life's journey, it is time for me to awake to the next stage of independence, my own place. I've been visualizing, watching apartment tours and priming my mind to be independent. In the next two years I want to be married, so of course it requires that I have my life aligned for that phase of life. As Oprah said..."We can have it all...we just can't have it all at once!" Move in sequence and you'll be fine!! Being independent will liberate me in the manner that I'm used to being liberated! I have always been allowed to do what I want...and regardless of age and stage...this is the best way to live. There are many people trapped in marriages they don't want to be just ensure you're happy regardless. If you watch enough Tyler Perry'll know exactly what I'm talking about. He wrote those movies for a purpose!! Live as your authentic and happy self. The image above is an image representative of my first apartment. For security reasons, I didn't post the actual image, but the vibe is representative of where I live...and where I'm aspiring to live for about a year before I purchase a home with hubby.

In terms of my actual apartment, I will keep it simpler for the school interim, but then once I emerge as a consultant, upgrade my life and live in a location that is more sophisticated and representative of who I am as a woman. For the first MBA...I did things in reverse, so I've learned all the lessons for my current adventure. It's a fun experience so I'm just allowing myself to revel in it. This is your enjoy it!! I did show you all previous what I wanted the interior to feel like, so I'm simply working with that flow and ensuring that all is well with the changes.

Enjoy the weekend, so let's see what magic and bliss the new week will bring. I'll think through the concepts so that everything is more intentional. I think through each me...but every now and then like today I tend to be more spontaneous and the words will just flow. One thing that I've learned in life is create your joy and happiness, and I want that sentiment to carry through all my pages.

Have a good weekend!!

**Dr T**

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