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Protective Styling: Giving My Hair A Break

Welcome back to the blog!!

Since it's hair's only right that we have a theme song: "Whip My Hair".

Every woman's hair journey is different. Yours truly has spent the past twenty years just having fun with my hair. In my hair wasn't one of those things that I found to be a chore...I really enjoyed the process of trying out different styles and just allowing myself to grow and evolve. I can't count all the things that I've done with my hair...but I'll make a list below:

1) Corn Rows: Sub 16...I didn't really do my own hair...and this was the best way to keep it neat for the week of the fact that I was a busy body...and swam my high school life away...these worked best for all conditions. Post swimming, I'd simply rinse my some hair oil in it...wrap it and allow it to dry...and still be fly the next day!!

2) Straw Twists: I was trying to figure out back to get my hair to curl for a graduation picture. A friend of ours...had a daughter who was in cosmetology school...and she did my hair for free using straws. It's a time consuming activity...but it lasted for a while.

3) Dreadlocks: As mentioned, Tandy grew up in the arts. After first year dancing on campus...I started experimenting. There was a hair dresser/tattoo parlor/piercing parlour on campus...and I would actually do things like get my belly button pierced and my hair done at that place while I wasn't in class:) At this point...I might do a belly ring haul:) I will look for some at Brit Bran for April!! Being with too get creative and I decided that I wanted to grow dreadlocks.

I had my locks professionally done by Jus Natural Hair Studio...and maintained my hair with them for years...until I went to Leeds and had to do my own hair.

4) Braids: After about seven years with dreads...I decided that I wanted a change. I wanted a style that felt more mature and more "corporate" in my perspective. Being on a plant...I noticed that the operators would call me Empress...and I honestly wanted to be called..."Boss". I felt like braids would elevate my look and make me feel more like a professional. Interestingly...I had two weddings to attend at the time as a I literally went through the process of growing out my roots...and then only having my hair stylist roll the roots without interlocking them.

The week after the second wedding...I couldn't wait any I went to the nearest hair dresser near the house...and pretty much asked the first available hairdresser if they could cut my hair down to about two inches...and then we start the braiding process. This is when my mohawk obsession began.

At the time...I didn't know I'd done what most people now call their "big chop" and I started braiding my hair every two months. I'd literally get my hair done...wash in between and then...return to the hairdresser to refresh. I braided it for about two years straight...without even checking the length. I only noticed that my hair had grown to my mid-back...once I reached Cleveland and couldn't find a hairdresser within walking distance of the house. It was then...that I started doing my braid outs and wearing wigs.

Fast forward about a two years from Cleveland...and I'm back in Jamaica. I did my natural hair styling for a full year....really got into the groove of Sunday wash days...and a few months ago...I wanted to do something different. I literally live on YouTube...and after watching a few hair videos...decided that I needed to give my hair a growth break.

After literally going through the process of washing and styling weekly, I felt like I needed to give myself a chance to pretty much just allow the hair some time to totally recover from the manipulation and just breathe. April is the start of my protective styling journey...and I decided to do passion twists. Above is my hair in an updo. I'm leaving it like this for two weeks, and pretty much just spraying it down with conditioner. I'd promised to outline the process in today's here is a summary.


The passion twist process took me about seven hours in total, but with a little more planning, I could have split the activity into two days of work. To achieve this look you will need:

1) Freshly washed and dried hair. I took about a day to stretch my hair.

2) A fine toothed comb to help you with parting your hair into fine sections.

3) Extensions. For this look I used the Beauty Elements Ghana Twist Hair. What I've linked is not exactly the colour and brand I used, but the best comparable product. I didn't spend more than $20.00...and ended up with about three bundles of hair. Each set has about fifteen spirals...but you are able to split the spirals into two and double the twist count.

4) Some hair wax just to ensure you can synch your hair with the extensions.

Passion twists interestingly mimic 4C once you're twisting you don't even have to worry about hot watering the all just curls together and sets. I love this look for its natural feel. When you twist the hair honestly feel like it's your own hair and it falls softly on your shoulders.

In the future...I'll definitely do this again in a tutorial. I finally got around to my Spring Get Ready With Me video. Since I was doing a trial run, I just wanted to be I just did an initial experiment and the results came out favorable. This month I'm wearing a red...but next month I'm thinking of doing an ombre colour which has that blond vibe that I often love to wear. Red is everything in my eyes...and I just love to wear this colour because it stands out. In terms of the tutorial I watched to do this...I really enjoyed this one.

When it comes to your's your creative just take the time to enjoy your own hair. The game changed for me when I discovered colour. I could fully do things like rock a pink wig in the summer!! Enjoy the process...and keep experimenting. There's no right or wrong. You body is your canvas!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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