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Q2 QUARTERLY REVIEW: The Good, The Better and The Best

Welcome back to the blog!!

My middle name would not be "Industrial Process Engineer" if I didn't do a quarterly review of myself. Working in industry is one of those things that automatically has you checking yourself to ensure that all is well and you're headed in the right direction. In industry, everything is coded to the colours: Red, Green and Amber. Much like a traffic light, you can pretty much view a system and identify if it's good to go, needs attention and to be rectified, or is somewhere in the middle.

If you've never heard the term "Run your life like an empire or business" it is simply ensuring that you have checks and balances that you have in place to ensure that you're on the right track. We are all here to build and grow and expand, and thankfully, we live in a time that enables this to be so. The world is full of abundance, if you'll only take the time to actually look at what you have, bless that which you have and allow it to expand into something beautiful.

I'm sure many of you know that I've started my blog, YouTube channel, Pinterest board over the past three years...and in the process of creation...actually destroyed them all at one point. Exactly one year and about four months ago...I committed to myself that I was going to rebuild all my channels and just care for them as precious empires of mine. As I started looking at myself and my sites better, the drive to make them better actually came into fruition. Any one who has ever built it a career you love, or a family you're proud'll know that it takes time and effort. With a little thought...and care...and create beautiful things.

Organizations look at their quarterly performance, and since I'm ensuring that my personal organization is as I want it to be...I thought I'd highlight a few things that went well in this quarter!


This was a fun exercise I started this year, where I decided to build my jewellry collection. Gold is part of my aesthetic, and I enjoy the process of finding fun pieces that will go well with my clothing and shoes.

My favorites for this quarter, were these gold square pendant earrings!!

In these...I feel ready for club, yet still corporate at the same time.

These were fun and enjoyable to wear!!

They are featured in the ForeverLuxury store, as part of my collection.


I believe that 2020 is the first year ever...that we've all collectively missed going to work. The mind has a way of getting used to things, and one of the things that we somehow took for granted was the fact that we would simply be able to wake up, get dressed, get into the car, train or subway, reach to work...say hi to coworkers we felt we somehow had to tolerate (some...not all) and then chug away at what felt like the fires we had to fight that day.

In comes the pandemic and all of a sudden...we're all missing the person that was in the office next to us. Missing hearing about how their children made them late, or about how their party adventures went.

Working with a mixture of people is something that I'm sure...we can't wait to do. After the pandemic...we really won't mind...another meeting!!


Q2 made us all appreciate wine, rum and all that goodness even more. As one who currently cannot seem to throw away a good rum bottle, I've decided that they make excellent pieces of decor! Exhibit one here is our favorite rum bottle in the bunch. Decorated with a little yarn, gold bells and natural shells found in the yard, the outcome of this project is absolutely amazing!

It's amazing what one can do with a little creativity. As one of the pieces on my vanity currently, I'm proud that this is the one that started off the creative juices. and kept them flowing!!

I will keep working on this, and see how it will unfold.


I feel like my styling improved over the quarter. In a time where most places were actually closed, some clothing stores in the Kingston area were actually open. Every season, I'm making an effort to actually build collections that you guys will enjoy seeing and also be able to build your own collection along with me.

With a high end, low end mix, I'm aiming to achieve looks that feel and look good regardless of budget. We can't all splurge on a $200 dress...but we can find a chic $5-$40 dress that we'll still feel like a million dollars in. It's all about the style, cut and accessories. If you seek, you will definitely find good opportunities in the fashion realm. Even a thing I absolutely love to do. Save your 2020!!


I promise...that this is the one of the best products that I've shown this quarter. At the wonderful price of $6.00 total...I gladly parted with my money...and still had plenty left once I made this purchase.

I assure you that it did the job! For Q3...there'll be a little bit of an upgrade, so thankfully we won't stay in this realm forever...but it wasn't a bad existence to say the least.

I feel like the Universe supports your dreams, because the day that I did this photoshoot, I literally found that tiny straw hat...on the side of the road as I was heading home up the hill.

It was in a neighbour's box of Christmas ornaments...that they were no longer in need of...and it just turned out to be my treasure. It went well with the purchase, and added to the natural aesthetic.


Food is the one thing...that makes us all happy!! The one thing that the quarantine enabled me to do...was turn my kitchen into a restaurant. It was such a blessing! As the weeks flowed, the inspiration just poured out...and the meals would literally tell me to make them. I'm being dramatic of course...but if you're on a creative path...your being will tell you what's to come after a while. As I walk the supermarket aisle...and see that one automatically sparks the entire meal. I actually love doing this platters for your guys and absolutely look forward to making more of these for the rest of my journey online. I feel like we all convene at the table.

P.S. I love me...some seasoned fries!! It's the best comfort food!!


What I did the week after bars and restaurants could open. I was dreaming of visiting the sea for weeks, and took the chance to actually visit the sea. I grew up at the a suburb, and literally would fall asleep to the sound of the sea...and wake up to the sound of the trucks during the week.

When I needed clarity...had stress before a big exam, I would find a rock by the beach and sit there and listen to the waves as they soothed me. The next day...I'd somehow ace the exam.

Nature to soothe her own. If you're ever stressed...either find a nearby park, or beach and immerse yourself in nature. Because it's so'll bring your mind to a state of peace.


My hair adventures resumed in April. After about a year just styling my natural hair, I wanted to experiment and do something fun with my style. It worked out pretty well, this first installation of passion twists. As a woman who lives on...creates on...and binge watches YouTube, on Sundays I will spend a few hours pouring through hair videos. Hair and beauty videos relax me.

I found a few videos that I absolutely loved on installation of passion twists. As a style that blends with my own natural hair...I absolutely loved this. With the weeks. I enjoyed styling my hair...and actually reached a week when I was feeling like a full blown fairy princess.

I'll definitely do more of these, and allow my creative juices to flow! It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

As June comes to a close, I am thrilled about how the quarter unfolded. In all the quietude...there was plenty of room to create. If you're a subscriber of mine...thank you for reading, watching, and just viewing my content. It's a labour of love. I still have a job...but somehow find the three hours in the make my videos...take my pictures and write you all a blog article!! It's not impossible to live a life you just have to create a schedule that works for you...and just work it!!

Live a life you love!! I have lots of fun things coming your way!!


Dr T

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