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Quarantine Life On A Dime: Welcome to TFC!!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Food On A Dime
Sausages And Hash Browns

" just have to tun han...and make fashion" - Jamaican Proverb

Welcome back to the blog!!

Welcome back to Tandy's kitchen. As you may or may not know...yours truly is currently on a quest to ensure that I'm enjoying as many of life's pleasures as I can during this quarantine. You have to allow yourself to just have fun with what is. One of the things I've learned in to learn from others. One of my favorite motivational speakers is Lisa Nichols. During her development phase, she and her son would envision their own home kitchen as a restaurant.

Some parents managed to do a similar thing when we were growing up. My Dad...was the resident chef. At every birthday party...he'd cook some gourmet dish to the point where the other parents at the party would actually ask to see the proof that he actually cooked it himself. Our family is a road trip family, and we've done it all...including the barbecues on the beach.

Since we can't really go my mind...I've started envisioning the future. You might as well play pretend...otherwise you'll start losing the zest of life. In this week's supermarket adventures, I should have made chicken and hash browns. I literally recall standing in front of the freezers...contemplating whether or not to buy chicken breasts or the chicken thighs...and in my mind...I assured myself that I made a decision and actually placed one of the two into the basket.

I picked up the hash browns and everything else...and paid for everything. When I reached home and unpacked...could I find the chicken? My plans for the day were spoiled for five seconds. My brain just automatically told make some sausages with the meal. Without any further ado...let's jump into it!!


Luxury Food On A Dime
Sausages And Hash Browns

Despite all obstacles...this is what I managed to create for the day!! This makes a nice and easy lunch. I don't really like to stress out...if I've been out all day doing various things.

Sausages and Hash Browns

For this recipe you will need:

a) Hash Brown potatoes. You can make them yourself...but thankfully the frozen section of the supermarket has these readily prepared and packaged. After defrosting they are ready to be fried.

b) Sausages of your choice. Since this was an impromptu change...I didn't have frankfurters on hand. I utilized vienna sausages for this exercise. Depending on your taste, and what's in your pretty much use what you have. I have long since...stopped being a perfectionist.

c) Dessert: I'm paying attention what people are to improve my skin health...I went the probiotic route...and "prepared" some yogurt. Again, this was store bought...but to make it cute...I pretty much just placed the yogurt in an ice cream bowl, and popped it into the freezer to reach that almost freezing point, while I was preparing every thing else.

d) Drink of your choice. It's Wednesday at the time of I made a strawberry mocktail.

Heat some oil in a frying pan, and you're good to go. I fried my hash browns and sausages for about ten minutes until golden brown. Season as desired!

Re our cutlery, this is the plastic silverware by Mozaik. We picked these up from Megamart a few months ago, and I decided to whip them out and use them. You might as well...enjoy the time!!

Fortunately, I made it home before the rains...and I sat on the front steps and had my lunch. In these few months, we really have to ensure that we are doing little things to ensure that all is well with our well being!!


Now that you have more time to cook, what are you and your family cooking for the quarantine season. It's literally almost like a holiday every day. Comment below!

Enjoy the day!!


**Dr T**

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