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Re-Discovering The Essences of My Being

Welcome back to the blog!!

Pardon the one week disappearance. To be honest with you, my physical presences didn't particularly was the level of activity that I involved myself in that changed. As a quick note to my subscribers, I've decided that I'll upload to the blog on a SUNDAY, to give me more time in the week to gather my thoughts, and not be in a state of stress as I'm juggling work and general life progression behind the scenes. Sundays are a day of rest, and this blog is dedicated to bringing the best out of all us. As I bring the best out of myself, I find I'm better able to give to you what I think will be beneficial to us all. Let's start off with some of my highlights for the week.


I feel like life gives us the Grace to actually learn from it, and return to the true essence of ourselves. I've mentioned before, that I'm drawn to water. Psychologists will tell you that you are always drawn to the elements of your youth. Like the womb, the elements of your youth are the havens that brought you stability and actually nurtured you as you were growing and developing into the adult that you are becoming. I grew up by the sea, and was actually nurtured by the surrounding environment, even though I didn't realize it at the time. The rhythm of waves, or any place in nature like the hills where you are completely removed from modern life, actually does induce a state of calm.

One thing that I'm studying now is vibrations, and I'm learning that the rhythm of the waves is a cool and calm 432 hz, and is one of the resonant vibrations of the Earth itself. Modern life actually shifts us from this state of calm, and induces in us traits that lead to more general aggression, as we compete for things in the material world. Humans are the only species that compete for things on the Earth, while the rest of creation just flows with what we were given. Flow is a state I'm learning to accept.

Once you allow yourself to actually step away from this start to realize the true nature of yourself, as an integral part of the Earth. I'm currently embracing my femininity more and more each day. One of the things that the sages (my millennial self learns by osmosis) have said is that the Earth is a Mother to us all. It literally houses us and nurtures us in its bosom and never complains. The Earth is ascribed a female element due to her predominant characteristics of generating and housing life. While both the masculine and feminine exist on the Earth, it is the feminine characteristics that dominate. For that reason...I'm personally finding myself expressing more and more feminine traits, now that I have more time to spend in nature.

If it wasn't for the quarantine, I'd actually be on a grand mission somewhere, optimizing someone's factory. Industry, career progression, asset acquisition and anything that dominates in the material realm are what are masculine tendencies. Taking a step back to analyze a little history, men were the ones who went out and hunted and gathered, and women were the ones who raised their young. Times have changed, and in the modern world, women now have to take on the role of "hunting and gathering" and in the process do develop the aggression and competitiveness that men embody, because we are currently playing a game that men alone would play. To make it in the modern world, there are certain masculine tendencies you have to take on. I remember in my youth...finding one of my Mum's books about making it in the corporate world. When I read the book, essentially it was saying that in order to make it in certain professions, you had to shed everything about you that was predominantly female. Change your hair, your mannerisms and how you dressed. Essentially, all those changes were actually make us as women...appear more masculine in a masculine environment, so that we could be accepted by the dominant energy in that sphere.

I read the book years ago...and carried on with my millennial day. The seed that was planted, didn't make sense to me until now that I'm awaking to certain truths about life. Admittedly, I find that I've lived that corporate life, but lived it in an unconscious manner. Maybe it's the Leo in me, but from a very young age...I always wanted the biggest, grandest of anything that I could get my hands on. The biggest piece of chicken at dinner, the biggest house ( I love me some MTV Cribs!!), the biggest car (I was drawn to cars like the Cayenne, Range Rover Sport and yes...the ESCALADE...I wanted one with rims that spun...thanks to Nelly). I'm now learning that all of these desires are stemming from the masculine conditioning in my female millennial being.

This week, I've consciously started looking at my life...and I have identified, how in 2020...I'm going to re-affirm my innate femininity, that I somehow lost along the way. Being feminine, is the key to balance in the world...and as is our responsibility to do this...or else we start to emasculate the men who are in our environment by forcing them to do things that are supposed to be inherently our responsibilities as women. It's a lot to process...but if you take the time to focus on your own femininity, you'll realize what I'm talking about. Yes...for the record...I understand that the world has changed...but there are some things that are going to always be inherently female and inherently male, and the sooner we all understand that...the less dysfunction there will be in a home, and in the world.


Continuing the family guava jelly recipe, yours truly successfully managed to create guava jelly that is actually...gel like. Admittedly, that initial recipe didn't have enough gelatin in there, and in the next batch, I went ahead and loaded up on the gelatin, and cut back on my puree. The final result is as you see above. It actually turned out better than I thought...and I'll keep optimizing my formula.

My inner Chemist loves to mix things, so I definitely enjoy the process of optimizing formulas and tweaking them, and seeing how they turn out. We are all born scientists and artists...and it's important to ensure that you have a balance in your life.

Making things like guava jelly is something that I was able to observe from my grandmother, and somehow her spirit is the one I embodied when I started this journey. I was a semi-troublesome child...but yet in the midst of all this...there was a presence who loved to do things like plant flowers, and literally walk with a set of garden shears in her handbag, so that she would be able to take home a plant cutting and plant it in her garden. Auntie Cherry's Ivy still thrives at our former house interestingly. I'm pretty sure she's one of the guardian angels of that house.

Speaking of guardian angels, the crochet in the picture is from another grand, our grandmother. Interestingly...with every encounter I had with her, she'd try to teach me how to crochet and I'd pretty much start the process, and then forget. So for 2020, while the world is re-awakening and allowing itself to return to normal, I've decided that with the power of YouTube...I'm going to learn how to crochet. You will see my creations in some upcoming The original inspirations are scattered all of the house, and I guess now's a good time for me to start making some for my future apartment, and while I'm at it...our future house.


There are seasons in the garden, just like there are seasons in life. There's a time for sowing, time for watering and nurturing your crops, and then a time to reap. About two weeks ago...the banana trees decided to the same time as the guavas were in their harvest season. In the overflow...I just decided to eat as much of both as I could...and indulge I did. I thought of every banana recipe possible, and my top three were the following:

1) Banana Smoothie: The smoothie blender is one of the most amazing inventions known to mankind. In one minute...I was able to create a strawberry-banana smoothie. I'd have these for breakfast for about a week, and also if the bananas were becoming overripe, I'd increase my consumption rate and include them as the drink for lunches and dinners. When there's an abundance...sometimes it comes like a flood. For those of you with trees, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when I say that literally have the fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With the bananas and guavas...that's exactly what happened to me. I can't tell you how many fruit platters I've made in the past month...but I'm sure my body is happy with being nourished, and my budget is happy I didn't have to buy fruit for two months!

2) Banana Bread: This wasn't my creation...sometimes, I'm just lucky to find things already made in the house. On Sundays...the oven is heated up, and things get baked. Banana-Raisin bread was definitely in that list of things to make once bananas are in abundance type of thing. Because bananas and raisins are sweet, you don't need to add any sugar to the mixture, and it turns out absolutely beautifully.

The CourtYard - The Market Place

The spirit of adventure definitely lives in me. One of the reasons I've reduced the blog frequency is so that I can have more time to travel. The whole point of life is that we get a chance to actually explore as people. It's inherent in our beings, and more you explore, is the more you get to know yourself and to travel.

The quarantine was superficially hard for me...because I've been wanting to go to Ocho Rios since March, and with the curfews...I'd still be on the road by the time we were supposed to be When I tell you I bought my beach dress in advance and all of a sudden we couldn't go anywhere...all I really felt inclined to do...was to put all my ensemble...and pretend that the back lawn was the sea. My family never really stayed home during the summers or any long break for that matter. We were always somewhere. Treasure Beach, Portland, St Thomas...just somewhere away from the house that allowed us to generate memories of the place where we can reflect on now.

Freedom is very important, and I'm realizing this more and more as I live. With freedom you really get a chance to control your own world, and do what feels natural to you. With quarantine, I've felt like there's an inception of fear in us, some level of division because we can't do things like hug each other, we had to social distance, and of course with the can't see people's facial expressions because we're fearing that if someone's face is uncovered, that we will be exposed to droplets that can make us sick.

If you've ever done of the things you realize is that fear is a learned thing. We've had disease around us our entire lives, and the best way to deal with such conditions is via increasing your immune system. I've been challenging myself to now take precaution, yet still do the same things that I did before the pandemic. I go out...and I have a great day...mask and all.

I personally find it a little restricting in the as soon as I reach the base of the hill...I remove...and start breathing in the good prana in the mountain air.

YOUR TURN: In what you realize that you are acting out of gender? If you're a man, are you embodying any particular female traits that you want to resolve, or as a woman are you embodying any masculine traits that you want to dissolve? Usually if you're in an environment where one gender dominates, you tend to become like the dominant, unconsciously. My challenge is to become less aggressive, and more calm as a woman. I am also working on ensuring that I keep up with my appearance. Women are like flowers...and the more brightly we are adorned, is the happier we will feel, and we will generate more feelings of masculinity in our men.

In what ways has the quarantine instilled fears in you? What steps have you taken to overcome these limitations?

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