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Re-Energize: Adding Much Needed Nutrients to Your Diet Via Juicing

Happy Day!!

It's amazing how we often forget our "roots". On my latest YouTube video, I was telling you that I was feeling quite lethargic of late. After willing myself to head into town on Monday...the journey was worth it. For today...let's meet the fruit man! I'd done a try-on Haul at Maxie this week...and as soon as I stepped out of the store...I saw the two fruit stalls in the parking lot...and decided it was time to get back to being really healthy. As you guys know...I started exercising about three weeks feel physically better, but my mind still felt like it was in a state of unrest.

It's amazing how we often forget that there are certain things that we should be doing in order to ensure that our body and energy are vital. My energy for the past few months was at a general low. I can feel it in myself. I was eating, but interestingly the days felt like a struggle. When I finally assessed myself, and got some much needed help, I realized that I wasn't eating right. The fix, is something that I've always done, it's just that in the flow of the changes, I stopped doing it.

I've literally been going through a phase where for the past four months, I've been sleeping but still waking up feeling energetically drained. When I figured out (with a little help) what was happening, I decided it was time to change my diet. My mind isn't calm because I'm anticipating changes, and there's lots happening behind the scenes as well. I'm working hard to pretty much release the past, and pull myself forward to the future.

Just to give a brief history...when I was at the refinery, I had experienced a similar lethargy to my current condition. My aunt carried me to one of those healing workshops. I'm sure you know the type I'm talking about...if you explore healthy lifestyle options. Filled with naturopaths!! When you walk one side there's a set of reiki healers, and on the other side tongue readers and massage therapists, and yoga gurus. Interestingly, I decided to get my tongue read. When I went to the tongue reader, she told me that my body was toxic, and was telling me what elements she was feeling in my being. She was actually spot on. She listed out some elements (and as a chemist I knew she was correct because I worked in a facility that extracted alumina from bauxite...and she'd actually listed alumina in her reading). The recommended treatment was actually a detox. Many times...we forget that our bodies need maintenance. Over use a process example, like a heater...the tubes will get fouled...and you need to clean them to restore the performance. The foods we eat...contain preservatives that affect the operation of our bodies, so once they are removed...the body will operate at its peak.

The detox I'd done was one of those detox foot baths, that extract the poisons from your body via osmosis, as you soak your feet in some concentrated salt solutions. Of course...based on my exposure to the plant, I'd have needed about sixteen of these at $25.00 a session, so the nurse at the site, felt sorry for me..and recommended that yours truly do a liver detox, and gave me the recipe. I'll talk about the liver detox in a while, and it's benefits. Essentially, it's like a system flush, and once you're feel like a well oiled machine.

If you want a gentler approach, one thing that you can simply eat better, and your body will heal itself over time. This is what I'm re-training myself to do. I am in the country close to the farmer's market. To be honest...I haven't been to a market since I was the journey is putting me back into what I call my "Dryland Tourist" look out for her once I'm out and about in the world. In my amazement, yours truly took a picture of one of the stalls. with all items in the country...they are literally a third of the cost of Kingston prices. So...I've started the process of juicing because I can literally purchase twice the produce as I'm used to.

As you can see from the two images, there is a mixture of both fruits and vegetables that I purchased on the day. I ended up purchasing pineapple slices, carrots, bananas and mangoes. The following is a recipe I created, and managed to stick to three days for this week. The aim is to continue on this trend for the entire week, and to track my energy levels in the process.

With this being day three of juicing, I definitely feel much more energized. Additionally, I do intend to return to my vitamin regime. I'm going to have a car on Sunday as I'd mentioned in my video, so I'll be able to stop at MegaMart and pick up some much needed items from there, as well as the pharmacy. So far so good!!

I feel really happy and excited that life is restoring, and in terms of my journey this week, it'll be my first of many road trips. They get progressively bigger, and I look forward to sharing the journey with you. I'm used to travelling as you guys know, so I'm pretty much allowing myself to fulfill and return to the full and wonderful life that I'm used to having. In my life for the rest of the flow...I want it to be grand, I want it to be fun, I want it to be beautiful, so I'm working towards accomplishing that objective. With the fact that I'm now full of energy to do it...I feel more confident that I'll reach my destination.

I kid you not...that everything that I've wanted in 2019...I've achieved. It wasn't easy...but I'm learning how to focus and achieve the target.


**Dr T**

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