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Reflections: 2020 Year In Review

Welcome back to the blog! a great day to have a great day. As I right this blog article on the eve of Christmas Eve (the Christmas countdown is real), it's one of the most refreshing feelings in the world to know...that I've accomplished...most of my goals in 2020. Since the entire world is in this boat...feel confident in yourself that you've done your best under the current circumstances. There's only so much you can do...when the predominant place you've spent your life in your own house.

As an engineer, one of the most important exercises I've ever done in my professional a year in review. This activity, would be an activity where our department would either book the company guest house, or spend time in a distant location like a hotel in the order to reflect on our year that has past. Essentially, the thoughts we'd process from a company perspective included:

1) Did we accomplish the goals that we set for the year? Were we on target, below target or above target? If the discrepancy was greater than anticipated, the plan for the restoration of the goal would be established.

2) Did we get along with our colleagues? What did we do to keep this successful. Were the pixie or field trips or movie trips what worked for us...or do we need to do more team building exercises in order to build trust among the team.

3) What new activities will we tackle in the year ahead.

After about two years of this activity, I started transferring the mindfulness activity to my own personal life. At the beginning of the year...I set goals...and in 2020...some goals were accomplished, and other goals were realigned...and rescheduled for 2020. I've mentioned before that actually quite long...and one year, a decade etc...that didn't go as planned...can always be restored if you have the appropriate plan that will restore the desired trajectory. As long as you have a goal, and work towards it, you'll accomplish what's in store for your life's vision. As an exercise for 2020, you can take the time to outline a vision for your life, and your family's life. This vision can include:

1) Health goals. Health is the one thing that people can't give to you. You are the one who lives in your body, and you are the one who has to take the initiative to keep yourself maintained. Identify your weekly workout schedule, update your vitamin routine, increase your water intake, and schedule doctors appointments where possible to ensure that your critical health parameters are in check.

2) Career Goals: There's no law that says that you are bound to your career. If you read enough books, you realize that the educational system is designed to make individuals into employees. Over time, as you realize that you want more family balance, there are things that you can do to create the life that you want. You can start a company that generates passive income for you, you can create investments, or you can create a product or service that people want, and offer that service to the market on a part time basis, while you still keep your day job. Once you take the time to actually research, you'll find the ventures that will align with your life's vision.

3) Family Goals: Life is to be shared with the people you love. In our youth, we're surrounded by a family that raises us, in adulthood we create the family that we desire. A family is something that you have to create a vision for. By planning how your family year will go, factor in your vacations, holidays such as Christmas, and outline how you want those experiences to be. If you're not intentional about your annual celebrations, you'll find that you won't enjoy them as much once they occur.

4) Wellness Goals: Wellness is one of those things that you have to factor into your life. Your brain has two hemispheres for a reason. The left hemisphere is your logic center that allows you to calculate things and to reason. Your right hemisphere is your intuitive center and is probably smarter than the logical, because it is able to process emotions and perceive the future in some instances. Take the time to do things like meditate. As you do, you'll find new revelations in your life. You'll realize things like your creativity. Many of us are born artists, and the world converts us into working in fields that require logic. By taking time to do things like'll find the balance in your life.

In the image above, I took the time to actually craft and garden in 2020. With the quarantine and the lock down criteria, the family was home more. That gave more time to relaxation and indulgence. As the kitchen manager, I started discovering that the household was generating empty rum bottles, at a rate of approximately one every three weeks. With a little creativity, I started creating decorative pieces out of my rum bottles, and eventually started incorporating them into my daily routine. My Rum Bottle Twins are now a staple in my Instastories. I've dressed them up for Christmas:

Rum Bottle Christmas Decanters

For Christmas, I have four of the bottles outlined above. By taking the time to actually remove the labels, and adding some festive ones, I'm able to actually create a desired theme for the time and season that we are currently in. During the Christmas season, we often make drinks that our guests will be enjoying. These drinks include egg nog, sorrel, punch de creme and other Christmas mixes. You can actually create uniformity in your Christmas table, by having an array of your bottles with the matching Christmas themed print. I simply glued wrapping paper onto the bottles. The paper will soak off, and in the new season, I can actually take the time to actually refresh the paper, or just have the bottles in their natural state. You honestly just have to get creative with what you have on hand.

In the image above, I have Cranberry Juice in one bottle, and I have Egg Nog in the other. Even if you purchase your items from the grocery store, it makes for a really nice presentation, when you are able to decant into uniform bottles and have everything be cohesive.

All of this creation...would not have been possible without the quarantine. While I'm ready for it to end at this point...I can honestly say that the blessing that I gained from the activity, is to pause, reflect and create the present moment, as well as create the future. Life is yours for the creation!

All the best for 2021!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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